Cell Phone Usage and Brain Metabolism

March, 2011

In The News

A study published in the February 23rd issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association raises the question of cell phone safety. The researchers took 47 people and had them lie down with a cell phone at each ear. This test was performed twice. The first time both cell phones were off. The second time the phone against the right ear was on and muted, while the one against the left ear was turned off. The subjects did not talk on the phone.

The researchers were specifically looking to see if brain glucose metabolism was affected. They found that the brain, in the areas closest to the antenna, had a significant increase in glucose metabolism. Nora D. Volkow, MD, the lead researcher, said in an interview that this study shows the sensitivity of the human brain to this type of electromagnetic radiation. She recommended that further studies be undertaken to determine if there are other detrimental effects associated with cell phone usage, like, for example, the onset of cancer. Until further studies are done, I recommend that, if you are going to use a cell phone, place it on speaker and keep the phone as far away as possible.