Cryogenically Preserving Dental Stem Cells

January, 2010
Most people have heard about saving a baby's umbilical cord blood for the storing of stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into other cell types. There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and adult. The embryonic stem cells are the type found in cord blood, and can differentiate into any cell type. The adult stem cells are more tissue specific and are responsible for the repair of tissue and organs. It has been shown that the dental pulp is an excellent source of adult stem cells.

Ongoing research with stem cells shows great promise for the future. It is thought that stem cells will be used for regeneration of bone, heart tissue, nerve and brain tissue, teeth, periodontal tissue and much more. With this in mind, it may be wise to cryogenically preserve dental stem cells, especially at a young age. Go to 
stemsave for more information.

Our dental office will have the necessary storage and shipping containers to do this procedure for those wishing to do so.