Dr. Adam Breiner to speak at International Hyperbaric Medical Association

August, 2014

Dr. Adam Breiner will be speaking at the upcoming International Hyperbaric Medical Association’s 9th International Symposium, August 22-24, 2014, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is offered at Whole-Body Medicine. HBOT treats numerous conditions using the healing power of oxygen that include Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries,Lyme Disease and more.

Important Brain Therapies offered at Whole-Body Medicine also include EEG Neurofeedback. Dr. Breiner uses the Neuropathways Real-Time EEG and the new BrainAvatar EEG in order to get a functional image of the brain.   This information is then used to come up with the best treatment approach for the patient with neurofeedback training and other interventions. Dr. Breiner was once of the first practitioners in the country to use neurobiofeedback in conjunction with HBOT to help reawaken and retrain the injured brain.

Dr. Adam Breiner presentation is entitled: New Frontiers in EEG and Neurofeedback - Enhancing the Results of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

This powerful combination is used at Whole-Body Medicine in addition to other natural healing modalities. Please be sure to visit our website to learn more about these therapies.