You Look Like An Egg to Me

August, 2014

I view a patient as analogous to an egg. There is the visible outer shell and the inner gooey substance. The shell represents physicality; it is the level of toxins, the presence of mercury fillings, root canals, etc. It is the level where we can deal with the problem in a very direct physical way. If a patient has mercury fillings, they can be removed. A broken arm can be reset and placed in a cast. Such situations are pretty straightforward and easy to fix.

Then there is the inner gooey level. This is the layer that represents the things that have been passed down generationally, including the emotional traumas that have accumulated. These are not physical; they exist at your core level and are vibrational or energetic in nature. In the early 1800's Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, discussed miasms, which are those frequencies passed down generationally. Dr. Hahnemann did not use the word frequencies, but he did talk about that which is nonphysical.

For example, from the time I was an infant every time I had a cold, it turned into bronchitis. According to homeopathic thinking, the tuberculosis miasm had been passed down from a previous generation. This frequency or vibration was implanted into my cellular matrix. When I was in my late 20s, I began my journey into homeopathy. I was treated by a homeopathic doctor and, as a consequence of his treatment, this tubercular miasm was erased from my cellular memory. Since that time I have never had a bout of bronchitis.

In homeopathy, even the mental state of a mother during pregnancy can have a vibrational effect on her offspring. I remember hearing a prominent homeopath discussing these vibrational effects in a television interview many years ago. He was portrayed as someone out of touch with science and reality. Today, Dr. Hahnemann's theories are being validated through research in the field of epigenetics.

We have 25,000 genes. Genes need instructions regarding what to do and when and where to do it.

For example, our liver and kidney cells have the same genes. Why then is one cell a kidney cell and another a liver cell? There are proteins that lie along the DNA, and are accessory to the DNA, that are switches called epigenetics. These switches turn genes on and off.

It was at one time thought that our DNA, our genetic code, predetermined our body shape and our intelligence, etc. The study of epigenenics, which means beyond genetics, has revealed that there are non-genetic factors that can cause an organism's genes to express themselves differently. For example, pesticides can impact the way in which a gene is expressed. And guess what? These non-genetic factors that influence gene expression can be passed down generationally.

A study was done on Agouti mice. Agouti mice are fat, yellow mice that are prone to developing diabetes and cancer. However, when the Agouti females were fed a vitamin cocktail prior to and during pregnancy, their offspring were thin and not prone to diabetes and cancer. Furthermore this held for the subsequent generation of Agouti mice as well. This certainly sounds like what Dr. Hahnemann was talking about.

Also, a recent Italian study found that a homeopathic remedy influenced genetic expression associated with nerve cells. Dr. Hahnemann was certainly way ahead of his time!

When I treat a patient I believe it is important to treat the inner and outer layers, the physical and the non-physical. I find homeopathic remedies indispensable in this pursuit. I use low-dose homeopathic combination remedies to clear out toxins and address the physical level. For the inner layer, I am searching for the one homeopathic remedy that will best address the nonphysical, the vibrational aberrations that have been passed down generationally and that have accumulated over the patient's lifetime. It is not always easy to find this remedy; it involves getting to know the patient's emotional traumas, fears, cravings, etc. Often I have my patients fill out a 25-page homeopathic questionnaire. When the right remedy is chosen and the toxic load is diminished, the results are amazing. When both layers are treated, the chances for maintaining a healthy state increases dramatically.

© 2014, Mark A. Breiner, DDS
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