Whole-Body Newsletter

August, 2008

You have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, what do you do? There is no one right answer; many things need to be factored in.

July, 2008

This month and next I would like to discuss the prostate gland. First, I will explore the symptoms and problems associated with the prostate, especially cancer. Then I will discuss methods of diagnosis and the different types of treatments.

June, 2008

A not-so-fond farewell for mercury fillings

Kudos to the federal Food and Drug Administration on the 180-degree reversal of its 30-year policy of defending so-called "silver" dental fillings. What took the agency so long?

May, 2008
Oral Cancer - Signs, Symptoms and New Screening Devices
April, 2008

Questions & Answers: At Home Natural Dental Treatments (& Precautions) 

Frequently people will ask me what natural treatments there are for various oral problems. This month I would like to discuss some of these in a question and answer format. 

What can I do for a toothache until I get to my dentist?

March, 2008

Sometimes it is good to review the basics. This month a few words on sugar and other sweeteners.

February, 2008
Many children and adults are treated at our adjoining office, Whole-Body Medicine, by my son, Dr. Adam Breiner, for various neurological, cognitive and behavioral problems using "Real-Time" EEG Neurofeedback Therapy and, sometimes, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
January, 2008

Hair analysis is another useful tool to help patients. What is hair analysis? It is a soft tissue mineral biopsy, which also measures levels of both toxic and non-toxic metals. However, as you will see, if interpreted properly, hair analysis reveals much more.

November, 2007

As I wait for my food to be reheated in the microwave, I intuitively feel that this can't be good. However, because it is so convenient, I put my concerns aside, and ignore the "inner instinct"..... This month I decided that it was time to investigate whether microwaving food is safe and healthy.

October, 2007

Snoring is a problem which plagues many people, and, in particular, their sleep partners. When snoring is accompanied by sleep apnea, the problem goes far beyond disturbing a partner's sleep.

What is the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

September, 2007

Imagine yourself lying on the beach on a fall day. The sun is out, and the warmth from the sun feels luxurious. Imagine not having to worry about the UV light, which causes sunburn. All you have to do is enjoy the radiant energy of the sun.

August, 2007

In over 30 years of practice, I have seen that my female patients seem to have more stress related problems and fatigue than ever before. This degree of stress and fatigue can interfere with a woman's medical as well as dental health, and even her sexuality. This month I am interviewing Dr. Elena Sokolova, MD, ND.

July, 2007

Systemic Enzymes: What You Need To Know - Part 2  

There are several different types of enzymes. Some make oxidation-reduction reactions possible. Others transfer a chemical group from one molecule to another, etc. The ones used in oral systemic enzyme preparations are proteases, meaning they catalyze the splitting of proteins.

June, 2007

Do you suffer from arthritis, lupus, M.S., sinusitis, prostatitis, cystitis, ulcerative colitis, or any other "itis"? If so, you will want to read further.

May, 2007

Do you suffer from allergies to mold, dust mites, pollen or other airborne pollutants? Are you living or working in a "sick building"? Did you know that most of our time is spent indoors? The United Stated Environmental Protection Agency has said that indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air; and we all know that our outdoor air is not what it ideally should be.

April, 2007

Lights Out! - A Good Night's Sleep & The Reasons Why You NEED It!

March, 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Depression, Seizures, Cerebral Palsy, Head-Injury Symptoms, Post-Stroke Symptoms, Autism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Poor Memory, Difficulty Concentrating: What do these very different conditions have in common?

They all involve one of the most important organs in the body - our brain.

February, 2007

As discussed last month, ozone (O3) is bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal. The head is a breeding ground for all of these. Thus O3 would be a wonderful adjunct to our arsenal of treatments. This month I would like to discuss various applications of O3 in dentistry.

January, 2007

What do you think of when you hear the word ozone? Most people answer smog. We hear reports, "The ozone level is high - don't go out and exercise especially if you have breathing problems because ozone irritates the lungs and breathing passages." However, the ozone level is increased when the smog level is up because ozone is nature's way of cleaning pollutants. Ozone is used to measure smog because it is present in reaction to smog.

November, 2006

I highly recommend Dr. Stephen Sinatra's book, The Sinatra Solution. Dr. Sinatra is a cardiologist who combines traditional cardiology with his knowledge of complementary modalities such as nutrition, supplementation, whole-body dentistry, etc.