Whole-Body Newsletter

October, 2006

Sometimes, despite diligent brushing and flossing, a patient will continue to develop tooth decay. In such situations, I believe that balancing a patient's body chemistry will prevent further decay. This, however, is a difficult and elusive task to accomplish. While this effort to rebalance the body is in progress, the patient may continue to get tooth decay.

September, 2006

In the last issue of this e-zine, I addressed some disturbing news that has been emerging in the dental world. Cases of necrosis (death) of the jawbones that are unresponsive to treatment are currently being reported. The common denominator for the patients in all these cases was the taking of drugs used to treat osteoporosis, osteopenia and bone cancer.

August, 2006

Some disturbing news has been emerging in the dental world. It is being reported that there are cases of necrosis (death) of the jaw bones which are unresponsive to treatment.

July, 2006

Last month I discussed "Super Bugs" and the fact that approximately 100,000 people die every year from infections involving these antibiotic-resistant hospital-acquired strains of bacteria.

Is there anything that can be done to combat such infections without having to rely on antibiotics?

Fortunately there are several treatment modalities that can be used. These include homeopathy, essential oils, intravenous hydrogen peroxide, UV irradiation of the blood, use of colloidal silver, and intravenous ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

June, 2006

This month I would like to address the issue of "Super Bugs". These are bacteria that are resistant to all or most of our present stock of antibiotics. Some are becoming more pervasive and attacking seemingly healthy people.

May, 2006

Last month I briefly mentioned the studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine evaluating the safety of mercury fillings in children. One study, conducted in Lisbon, Portugal, involved 507 children. The conclusion of the authors of this study was that, "amalgam should remain a viable dental restorative option for children."

April, 2006

My patients are a highly educated group of people. Most come to me knowledgeable about the toxic effects of mercury in the mouth, root canals, fluoride, etc. Often they teach me something. So it was with a special type of foot bath.

March, 2006

Last week a panel of the National Academy of Scientists released the results of a study on fluoride commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Currently the maximum allowable amount of fluoride in drinking water is 4 mg/liter. The study concluded that the amount of fluoride that has been allowed to be present in our drinking water (i.e., 4 mg/liter) is too high and can cause health problems.

February, 2006

As I discussed in the previous newsletter, our thoughts can have a profound impact on our physical body at the most basic level. The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto shows the effect music, words, thoughts, and even photos have on the crystal structure of water. Don't forget, we are mainly water. Thus, how we feel about ourselves, our self-esteem, can have a lot to do with our physical health.

January, 2006

You have heard people say, "Be careful what you wish for because it will probably come true". Thoughts are powerful.

December, 2005

As promised in the last newsletter, this month I will discuss the toxic aspects of root canals.

November, 2005

This month I would like to discuss root canals. This is an interesting topic especially as it relates to Whole-Body Dentistry.

October, 2005

The National Institute of Health (NIH) believes that its biggest success story is fluoridation of public drinking water. In their opinion it has saved billions of dental health care dollars by preventing tooth decay and has spared many people the pain and suffering associated with cavities and its consequences. If the American Dental Association (ADA) and NIH had its way, 100% of our drinking water would have fluoride added. 

September, 2005

Some interesting things are happening on the legal front. The law suits against dental manufacturers of amalgam and the American Dental Association are in progress, and I am sure there will be many more.

In one case, a dentist, Dr. Barnes sued the Kerr Corporation, the nation's largest manufacturer of dental amalgam.

August, 2005

This month I continue my interview with Walter "Jess" Clifford on dental materials reactivity testing. Jess is the founder of Clifford Consulting and Research (CCR) and is one of the world's top authorities on dental materials. Using antibody detection in a patient's blood serum, CCR Labs tests for material compatibility.

July, 2005
For this month's e-zine, I have a special interview with Walter J. Clifford, known to all as Jess. Jess is founder and head ofClifford Consulting & Research, Inc. which does testing for reactivity of dental materials. As a matter of fact, it was Jess who developed the materials reactivity test.
June, 2005

The FDA and EPA have advised that women who might become pregnant, women who are pregnant, nursing mothers and young children should limit their intake of fish. Why? Because of the mercury levels in fish.

May, 2005

Heating Up in Connecticut: Hearing on Whether to Ban Mercury Fillings To Take Place

April, 2005

Joe: "Doc, I would like my fillings out as soon as possible. Can you do it?"
Dr. Breiner: "Joe, let's do a complete examination and then I can answer that question."
After the exam I had to tell the patient; "Joe, I know you would like your mercury fillings replaced very soon, however, I would strongly advise against it."
Let me tell you why...

March, 2005

During the past few months we have been addressing the question, "What is the proper diet for me?" We first talked about Metabolic Typing. This is testing to determine which foods, depending on your metabolic type, will keep you slightly alkaline.