Balance Testing Analysis
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Why Choose Balance Testing Analysis?

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Balance Tracking Systems (BTrackS™) offers a comprehensive evaluation of balance and postural control, allowing for a thorough understanding of your unique movement patterns and risk factors.
  2. Objective Measurement: Unlike subjective assessments, such as balance scales or visual observation, Balance Testing Analysis provides objective data, enabling precise tracking of progress over time and informing targeted interventions.
  3. Early Detection: Balance deficits are often overlooked until they lead to falls or injuries. With Balance Testing Analysis, early detection of balance impairments allows for proactive intervention and risk reduction.
  4. Personalized Interventions: Based on the results of your balance assessment, our expert clinicians will develop personalized intervention strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether it’s balance training exercises, proprioceptive feedback, or gait analysis.
  5. Optimized Performance: For athletes and individuals seeking to enhance their performance, Balance Testing Analysis can identify subtle balance asymmetries or inefficiencies that may impact agility, coordination and power, allowing for targeted training and optimization of performances.
  6. Conditions Treated: Used for rehabilitating balance deficits following orthopedic injuries, surgeries, or conditions such as ankle sprains, knee injuries, and hip replacements. Can also be used with balance impairments associated with neurological conditions or injuries such as stroke, concussion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and vestibular disorders.

Dr. Sean Altman

Dr. Sean Altman specializes in balance assessment and rehabilitation at Murphy Medical Associates. With extensive experience and a commitment to excellence, he will guide you through the assessment process and collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals.

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