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"The author communicates the science and his methods in ways that are interesting and easy to understand...It's meant for readers who think critically about their health, for policymakers curious about the public health issues presented by the methods of many dental practitioners, and even for dentists themselves who may be unfamiliar with some of the biological dentistry concepts within. Above all, Breiner stresses the importance of informed patient consent and knowing that various treatment options exist."
- Foreword Reviews
“Whole-Body Dentistry is a choice and much recommended addition to general health collections."
- Midwest Book Review
"Maintaining healthy teeth is a nagging concern for millions of people, but in truth, dental issues can lead to a host of problems across the body. Doctor Breiner tackles the whole-body approach to dentistry, outlining the issues and the holistic methods of dental examinations and treatment. The book is divided into several parts: his background, dental-related health issues, contemporary dentistry, mouth restoration, dental options, and practical advice. This essential guide will have us all scrambling for a holistic, forward-thinking dentist."
- U.S. Reviews
FAIM recommends Whole Body Dentistry for consumers and health practitioners alike. FAIM would hope that all dentists read this enlightening book and make changes in their practices as a result. The book sheds a new light on how we all should approach dental health and the consequences that result from the use of old dental practices. As we share throughout our web site, as we move into the 21st century, we are finding that many long held believe systems regarding health care need to be revisited and looked at in a new way. Dentistry is one of the areas that need to be reassessed. Dr. Breiner presents these new insights in a substantive way with many examples, facts and references.
- Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
"... Whole Body Dentistry was a best-selling holistic dental book for many years. But this revision--double the size of the earlier edition--has so many more topics and more in-depth discussion, that it feels like a whole new book....[he has] added the weight of research published in the last decade showing even more how dental mercury in amalgam fillings in harmful....To his credit, Dr. Breiner doesn't skirt the controversies within holistic dentistry; rather, he usually shows the range of viewpoints on controversial issues such as root canal treatments and tooth implants....Whole Body Dentistry can be used as a guidebook to holistic dentistry for patients, dental students and dentists alike. It is a welcome addition to the literature."
- DAMS International
“Whole-Body Dentistry reads like a detective tale or tale of inspiration – it’s cutting edge stuff. Not dry. It’s a brilliant book and my kudos goes out to you Dr. Breiner for putting this information together and for leading the way”
- Garrison Leykam, host,
Conversation Crossroads
"Try a new approach to dentistry. Your mouth can reveal secrets about the health of your entire body. If you have health problems and have not found relief through traditional treatments, Whole Body Dentistry may be able to help unlock the secret to more complete wellness. Learn how dental procedures such as root canals and amalgam fillings can affect your immune, cardiovascular and neurological systems. Fascinating case histories."
- Koren Publications
“I had never really thought about the mouth impacting the whole body before reading this book. However once I started reading Whole-Body Dentistry by Mark A. Breiner, DDS, I started to see how much that makes sense. The idea is that instead of just focusing on oral care, fillings, and other dental work, you need to look at your total health and see if your mouth might be the cause. I found this book to be extremely informative. I have an amalgam filling and I've often wondered about the safety of it. Now I will be looking into having it removed by a dentist who knows what he is doing in this area. I also found the information on homeopathy to be very interesting and I will be looking more into that field in general for my family's health. Coverage also included a Q&A with Dr. Breiner.”
- Lisa Rupertus, As They Grow Up
"Whole-Body Dentistry by Mark A. Breiner, DDS is a great addition to helpful material concerning dieting and eliminating toxins from the body....Dr. Breiner has been achieving success in his work over many years, and has done interviews on CBS and NBC TV, highlighting the negative affects of amalgam (mercury) fillings on the immune system as well as being at least partly responsible for many if not most chronic diseases that continue to proliferate in this age of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers, as well as the advent of GMOs. He also is a leading voice in the fight to eliminate fluoride in the municipal water here in Connecticut as well as across the U.S. You can learn more at his web site and sign-up for a free newsletter.”
- Zacnorman, posted at
"The vision the author outlines is of a much bigger, more fascinating and more complex reality than we have been led to believe. This should be embraced as being exciting - not threatening. And dentists need to wake up to the fact that they are potentially playing a much bigger role for good or for ill in the health of their patients than anyone could have believed possible."
- The Natural Recovery Plan Blog
It's amazing the depth of perspective you can get from a dentist. Typically people think of dentists only knowing about the mouth, but ladies and gents, Dr. Breiner is no ordinary dentist - he's a guy that gets the full picture. And it's a picture that can change your life once you have the opportunity to look at it.
- TuffTruth1, posted on Amazon