Book Testimonials

“This book is an essential reference for your health library, and one you'll refer to in years to come.”
- Stephen T. Sinatra, MD
Author of, The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology
“ Whole-Body Dentistry® is a long overdue and sorely needed critique of all areas of dentistry.”
- Nicholas Perricone, MD
Anti-Aging Expert, Author of Forever Young
“Whole-Body Dentistry reads like a detective tale or tale of inspiration – it’s cutting edge stuff. Not dry. It’s a brilliant book and my kudos goes out to you Dr. Breiner for putting this information together and for leading the way”
- Garrison Leykam, host,
Conversation Crossroads
“An important book for everyone who is interested in participating in their own health.
- Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of 'Love, Medicine and Miracles.
“All dentists and physicians need to critically read this treasure trove cover to cover and then retain it as a reference.”
- G. Robert Evans, DMD
“A masterful job of explaining the extremely complex subject of how oral health can have dramatic effects on overall wellness.”
- David M. Brady, ND, CCN
Vice Provost, Health Sciences, University of Bridgeport
“The hows and whys of alternative dental care, covered in encyclopedic detail.”
- Andrew Hall Cuttler, PhD.,
Author of Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment
The cutting edge of telling the truth about the options you have when you go to a dental office."
- Gary Null, Ph.D.,
Author of 'Get Healthy Now!'