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Eczema from Fluoride

A mother brought her five-year-old son to my office for a dental exam. His face was covered with persistent eczema. She had tried food elimination and various other informal treatments, both medical and non medical. I asked her about fluoride in the child’s water and toothpaste. The water in their community was fluoridated, and the […]
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Facial Pain

Dorothy came in with her daughter in a very depressed state. Sixty-three years old, she had been vibrant and healthy, with a love of golf and dancing. Now, Dorothy could no longer participate in these activities. She had no energy and the left side of her face was in pain. There were tumors running down […]
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Sally was a 38-year-old who suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was unable to work because she would be in bed for a large part of the day. She had tried many forms of treatment and was taking numerous supplements. Naturally, she was very depressed about the whole situation. Previous to her getting ill, she […]
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“Please take out these teeth, Dr. Breiner.” Anne had tears in her eyes as she pointed to her upper right jaw. Pretty, young and pregnant, she was exhausted to her breaking point as she begged to have her teeth removed. The pain they were causing her was excruciating. She had not slept in days and […]
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Rachel, a woman in her mid-forties, came in with her husband. She had such bad migraines that she was unable to drive. Since they had the financial resources, they had been all over the country looking for help. She had classic migraine symptoms of photosensitivity, vomiting, and severe pain, and would often spend a number […]
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