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Cavitations – Silent Problems in Your Jaw – Part II

CONTACT US Last month we started our discussion about Cavitations: “Cavitations – Part 1”. A quick review: Cavitations are holes in the bone often where teeth have been extracted; they can occur in any bone in the body but are most frequently found in the jawbone. In addition to extraction sites, cavitations are often found around root-canaled […]
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Cavitations – Part I

“I have no mercury in my mouth, my body levels of mercury test low, and I have no root canals, but I am still not feeling well. Dr. Breiner, what do you think is going on?” When confronted with such a patient, I find the underlying problem is often a cavitation. A cavitation is a […]
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Natural Steps You Can Take to Enhance Your Immune System

The virus is not only the number one topic to discuss but has affected every aspect of our daily lives in ways that most could not have imagined. Back in January, I began posting videos on Facebook and YouTube discussing the rising crisis in China and advised on how one could prepare their immune system […]
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While I have written about cavitations in the past, this month I want to review this important topic and give an update on my experience in treating them. Cavitation is a hole in the bone, often where a tooth has been previously extracted. Cavitations can occur in any bone in the body but are most […]
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Uncovering Hidden Infections

I recently read “Hidden Epidemic: Silent Oral Infections Cause Most Heart Attacks and Breast Cancers” by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, M.D. Hidden Epidemic is a book that I would recommend, especially to my dental and medical colleagues. Dr. Levy is a cardiologist who got his “second” education from Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS. Dr. Huggins was […]
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