Do you suffer from allergies to mold, dust mites, pollen or other airborne pollutants? Are you living or working in a “sick building”? Did you know that most of our time is spent indoors? The United Stated Environmental Protection Agency has said that indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air; and we all know that our outdoor air is not what it ideally should be.

Patients at our Health Center are always asking us what kind of air purifier we recommend. Having tried several different types at home, as well as in the office, we have not been enthusiastic about any of them.

Recently, my son, Dr. Adam Breiner, found an excellent product that outperforms the rest. It is the ActiveOx™ air purification by Global Ion. Adam tested a small portable unit in his colon hydrotherapy room. Needless to say, sometimes the smell is not optimal in there. The difference was incredible. When Adam removed it from the room to test it elsewhere, Rose, his colon therapist, said, “No way; bring it back here!”

The air really does smell like mountain air when the unit is running. I am so excited about this system, I thought my readers would enjoy finding out more. So this month I am interviewing Stephen Sohn, CEO of Global Ion Systems.

Stephen, you claim that your system creates “clean fresh mountain air,” why do we need it?

Clean fresh mountain air is the direct benefit of the antiseptic cleansing action of our unique ion technology. When you feel and smell the clean fresh mountain air scent you know that your home or office is virtually free of pollutants.

What is the problem with “indoor air”?

You’d be surprised at the vast amount of pollutants including mold spores, dust pollen and other allergens, and all other industrial poisons that have consistently degraded our air and our health that are commonly found in the average home.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified Indoor Air Quality in its top three priorities and states, that on average our indoor air is 3 to 5 times worse than outside air and at times as much as 100 times worse!

You mentioned that you have an all “natural” process similar to what nature does to clean our air – what is it?

Our method of dealing with contaminants and other harmful air particulate that adversely affects our health is a duplication of a natural process identified by Albert Einstein close to 100 years ago.

Dr. Einstein’s sister became ill with tuberculosis (TB) and, following the accepted treatment in that time, her doctors sent her to one of the many sanitariums located in the Swiss Alps. Six months later he was surprised that she was nearly totally cured and ready to return home. Einstein wondered why she could recover in the Alps and not in the city. He concluded that the difference between mountain air and the air in the city was that mountain air had a natural conductivity – a greater amount of electricity or ions.

Einstein, along with his childhood friend and colleague, Conrad Habicht, then collaborated making a device called a “potential multiplier”. This device generated air ions and proved Einstein’s theory. The two men then developed the technology that Conrad Habicht ultimately commercialized. In 1947, he began to manufacture machines that virtually duplicated Swiss mountain air.

Can you explain this ionization technology?

Our ActiveOx™ bipolar ionization technology means that our ion tubes emit a specific ratio of positive and negatively charged ions, which adhere to oxygen molecules and, in turn, adhere to a particle such as dust, mold spores, germs and allergens and weigh them to the floor and then kills them. The ions also break down volatile organic compound odors such as from cleaning fluids, paint, garbage, formaldehyde, etc and removes the odors.

Will this make a difference to people with allergies?

Our ActiveOx™ bipolar systems get rid of most allergens including the spores, pet dander, kitty litter allergens and odors, mold and mildew as well as other airborne allergens. People with allergies usually get immediate relief and this system is very helpful in relieving asthmatics of many allergy related reactions as well.

Where should we put your system? Where is the best place to begin if we cannot put it in the whole house?

The ActiveOx™ systems are most effective when installed in the ducts of your home’s HVAC (heating and air conditioning) unit and spread evenly throughout your home. If you do not have a HVAC system then we can provide our small powerful portable units that cover up to about 800 square feet.

The area of your home that has the most pollutants is the kitchen and bathrooms due to the use of water and cooking odors but also other rooms where people smoke, have a fireplace, etc

Remember, every time you open a door or window you let in a variety of contaminants.

Stephen, what makes your purifier different than others on the market?

Firstly, we had tests conducted in which we compared our bipolar ionization with other purification systems including a variety of filters, UV lights, and others. These tests proved that ActiveOx™ is far and away superior. We have the most effective air purification system available and all independent testing supports our contentions.

Additionally, Dr. Breiner, we are please to offer your newsletter readers a special price discount if they call Global Ion before July 1, 2007- please call us at 203.454.4446.

© 2007, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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