Readers of this newsletter know that I take a “Whole-Body” approach to dentistry, and am cognizant of the fact that dental problems, and even dental procedures, can affect your overall health.

Many of my patients present with problems that take some sleuthing on my part.

As I reflect on this past year, I’d like to share a three real-life “Dental Detective Stories”. Just a note, some of the diagnostic testing or dental conditions that I write about below have been covered in past newsletters or elsewhere on our website; you can learn more about holistic dentistry, as well as some of the conditions and diagnostic “tools”, by accessing the links provided.

I recently saw a patient who first came to see me four years ago. Jane, 70 years young, at that time, was on a very powerful medication for psoriasis, which was very toxic to her liver. The psoriasis had been a problem for about 35 years. She was also on medication for high blood pressure. Her knees hurt when walking upon arising in the morning, and she had a constant post nasal drip. Jane had had a lot of dentistry including a few root canals, a bridge and a number of crowns. She also had periodontal disease and the plaque sample from under her gums, when viewed through the microscope, showed large amounts of spirochetes and amoeba. See past newsletters on periodontal disease – exploring the critical use of a microscope to assess periodontal health and the potential systemic effects of periodontal disease – Part I , Part II, and Part III You may also wish to watch our video on periodontal disease that includes a demonstration of using the microscope.

EAV (or electro dermal) testing showed heavy metals to be her primary problem. Also, one of her root canals was having a very deleterious systemic effect.

Visits were set up with our hygienist, to address her periodontal condition and appointments were made to remove her mercury (see our video on safe Mercury Removal), her problematic root canal and a bridge that showed very high electrical currents. (Different metals in a salt solution, like saliva, create a battery and possibly high electrical currents which can have a detrimental systemic effect). Over the next 18 months, I used a course of homeopathic remedies to “detox” (pull-out) her heavy metals and other toxins. Jane steadily improved and by the end of treatment reported that her psoriasis was gone, her mind was clearer, she had more energy, her knees no longer hurt, her post nasal drip was gone, and she no longer had to take her blood pressure medication. Four years after her first visit, Jane continues in excellent health.

Sally, a 30 year old physical therapist, came in with the following chief complaints: mental fog; regular bouts of depression; trouble making decisions; at least one headache per week; sensitivity to smells such as perfumes; and bloating after eating. She could not decide whether to remain at her present job or start her own business. Asking her on a 1-10 scale, with 1 feeling terrible and 10 feeling great, what number would she on average give herself? She said that on a good day she would be an 8 and a bad day a 3. She never remembered being a 10. She had many more bad days then good days.

EAV testing revealed a number of different toxins, and showed that her body wanted to first remove the chemicals, then pesticides followed by heavy metals. (Over-the-years, I found that removing the obstacles to cure in the order that the individual’s body wants to proceed yields a much smoother and more predictable result.) Sally also had one root canal which did not reveal any unfavorable systemic effect. (See past newsletters on Root Canals – Part I and Part II) As the chemicals and pesticides were removed with homeopathics, Sally started to have more energy and a bit more clarity. After her mercury fillings were removed and her heavy metal level was brought down, all her symptoms greatly improved. About a month after her mercury fillings were removed, she was able to make the decision to leave her job and begin her own business. Three years after treatment she continues to be in good health and runs a successful business.

I just saw Judy at the end of last year during her semi-annual hygiene visit. Judy first became a patient in December of 2006. Her chief complaints were: CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia); anxiety; sadness; cervical pain from a car accident in 2004; and hip and thoracic pain of unknown origin. Upon EAV testing, again chemicals came up as the place to start, followed by heavy metals. As all of this was addressed, her symptoms improved. Her neck pain, as well as her thoracic and hip pain, disappeared. Her sadness dissolved along with her anxiety. Three years later, she is still doing great and although she still has chronic lymphocytosis, her CLL is stable with normal white cell counts.

© 2010, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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