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Dorothy came in with her daughter in a very depressed state. Sixty-three years old, she had been vibrant and healthy, with a love of golf and dancing. Now, Dorothy could no longer participate in these activities. She had no energy and the left side of her face was in pain. There were tumors running down her left arm which had been biopsied three times with no diagnosis. Yet she was told to have extensive surgery to remove them.


Just prior to all this change in her health, Dorothy had a root canal on a lower left molar. However, the root canal was painful and she had the tooth removed. She went back to her dentist and the oral surgeon who had extracted the tooth saying that she thought her health problem was from her extracted tooth. They said her problems could not be from her mouth – the X-ray was perfect. The oral surgeon yelled at her saying that she was crazy and recommended she see a psychiatrist.


After a detailed history, examination and EAV testing, I was able to immediately take away the pain with an injection into a spot where I felt she had a cavitation. Dorothy was ecstatic and she scheduled an appointment for surgery to clean out the cavitation.


As I did the surgery, I thought for the first time the EAV had been wrong in helping me locate a cavitation. Dorothy’s cavitation was extremely small. Nonetheless, after the surgery, Dorothy’s pain disappeared, her vitality returned, and the tumors in her arm dissolved. It is amazing how toxic the mouth can be! Dorothy spent the past winter in Florida, dancing and golfing.

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