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Q. If it is widely known that mercury causes neurological and other health problems, why is the material still being used for fillings?

A. I can think of no other reason other than politics for this material to still be accepted and also, promoted as safe to the public by the American Dental Association. Certainly, the science and all the evidence to the contrary should be a compelling enough reason for the ADA and its members to seek alternatives to using this toxic material.


Q. Who do you feel the WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY message needs to reach the most?

A. The message needs to reach the public and once they do receive the message, they need to insist that changes be made. No other medical discipline is using the same techniques and materials as they did 150 years ago as dentists do. With public pressure comes change and the dental profession needs to make the transition to providing a holistic approach to dental care.


Q. How receptive has the medical community been to your approach?

A. I receive many referrals from MDs, DOs, and NDs. The feedback I receive from colleagues is that they realize that without addressing the dental needs of the patient their results will be less than optimal.


Q. How can a parent best fend off “typical” dental treatments for children such as fluoride applications when most dentists feel strongly about using it?

A. Knowledge is a parent’s best protection. I encourage people to educate themselves about the topics addressed in WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY™ and then, as a consumer, you can make the best choices for yourself, your child and your entire family. Your dentist should be a partner in your healthcare and he or she should always be willing to hear your concerns and respond by providing options.


Q. Can any dentist remove silver amalgam fillings?

A. Dentists remove fillings every day. However, this is usually done in a manner exposing the patient to dangerous levels of mercury. Therefore, it is best to seek out a dentist who knows how to protect the patient from this increased exposure is also knowledgeable in detoxification protocols.


Q. What can I expect on my initial examination appointment?

A. A detailed medical and dental history will be taken. A thorough dental exam of your teeth, gums, mouth, and bite will be performed. Also, a sample of plaque from under your gums will be viewed under a microscope to help assess the health of your gums. Any necessary x-rays or impressions of your mouth will be taken and an electro-dermal screening analysis will also be done. Plan on being in the office approximately two hours. Read Initial Dental Visit for more detailed information.


Q. How do you handle dental insurance?

A. The decision on what treatment you have should not be based on an insurance company’s view of dentistry. It has been my observation that unnecessary dentistry is often performed when someone else is paying for it, namely the insurance company. We will give you a form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Together we will formulate a treatment plan, and you will be fully informed of the fees involved. Payment is over the course of treatment and is the full responsibility of the patient, not the insurance company.


Q. Can I submit Medically if my MD recommends this type of treatment?

A. Some patients have received reimbursement under their medical policies when recommended by a medical doctor. However, patients usually have a lengthy battle to receive reimbursement. Our fees are paid by the patient directly to us at the time of treatment.


Q. What precautions does Dr. Breiner take when removing fillings?

A. Dr. Breiner has been involved in this type of treatment for over 25 years. He finds it important to prepare the patient prior to any amalgam removal. This involves the utilization of specific supplements, herbs, and/or the use of homeopathic. During amalgam removal, a rubber dam, high-speed suction, and electric drill are utilized to minimize exposure during mercury removal. Post-removal detox, monitoring, and evaluation are also important. If the patient chooses IVC (intravenous vitamin C) it can be administered right here in our clinic at Whole-Body Medicine’s IV Solutions, by the patient’s physician, or a local MD. These modalities are patient specific. Learn more Amalgam/Mercury Filling Removal.


Q. How do you know what dental materials are best suited for me?

A. Ideally patients should have a materials reactivity test. This is a blood test which reports by brand name which dental materials are most compatible with your immune system. Sometimes patients prefer to just have dental materials tested with the EAV. A combination of both is optimum. Whenever possible non-metal materials are utilized.


Q. Will Dr. Breiner confer with my other healthcare providers?

A. Yes. Many of Dr. Breiner’s patients are referred by other healthcare practitioners and communication with them is an important part of the treatment.


Q. How does Dr. Breiner feel about root canals?

A. Dr. Breiner believes that the decision whether to do a root canal or not should be made by the individual patient. However, this should be done knowing the implications both positive and negative. A lot depends on the health of the patient and the tooth meridian involved.

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