Whole-Body Dentistry Stands Alone in Superior Holistic Dental Care

Here’s a sampling of what Dr. Breiner and his team can do for your smile and your health:

  • Treat Sleep Breathing Disorders in Children and Adults
  • Offer At-Home Sleep Study Test
  • Remove mercury (silver) fillings in a safe, healthful manner
  • Offer conscious sedation for the fearful dental patient or those choosing to have a large amount of dentistry done in one visit
  • Provide energetic testing to evaluate levels of toxins such as heavy metals and the impact of the mouth on one’s health
  • Create individualized detoxification protocols to help decrease inflammation
  • Employ homeopathic remedies for better oral and overall health
  • Evaluate effects of root-canalled teeth on one’s health
  • Use microscopic evaluation to screen for periodontal disease (associated with higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, stroke, premature birth, etc.)
  • Treat Temporomadibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD)
  • Provide early intervention in young children to minimize the need for braces; we are a HealthyStart System-certified office
  • Offer early decay detection without radiation
  • Provide remineralization programs to naturally strengthen teeth
  • Utilize 3D scan to uncover hidden infections and airway problems
  • Create a more youthful smile with contact lens-thin veneers and Zoom teeth whitening
  • Offer a minimally-invasive alternative to posterior implants; we are a FirstFit-certified office