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At Whole-Body Dentistry we offer Zoom Teeth Whitening. We have found Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening System to be the fastest, most effective method for a dazzling smile!

Over the years we have tried different methods and products and have found the Zoom System to deliver the most predictable and successful results. Often tooth sensitivity is a result of bleaching. The Zoom System minimizes this problem and in addition to help ensure little or no post treatment sensitivity, we administer homeopathics.

Depending on our everyday choices, we may not have the smile we always wanted. Wine, smoking, tea, soda and other foods and beverages can cause teeth staining. In approximately one hour you can have the white smile you have always wanted. A white bright smile can be a confidence booster and a great way to get noticed!

What is the difference between professional and over-the-counter whitening treatments? Non-professional whitening treatments are over the counter products such as strips and toothpaste. These products vary in their price, difficulty of use and effectiveness.

Philips Zoom professional whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to whiten your teeth. Results from our in-office treatment are immediate (up to 8 shades whiter in 45 minutes), and the process is safe, reliable and hassle free.

So many patients of ours, who experience the Zoom Teeth Whitening System our Fairfield, CT office tell us, “I can’t believe how white my teeth are!”
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