My patients are a highly educated group of people. Most come to me knowledgeable about the toxic effects of mercury in the mouth, root canals, fluoride, etc. Often they teach me something. So it was with a special type of foot bath.

Over the past few years some of my patients reported having used a special type of foot bath that helped speed their recovery from various ailments and accelerated their detoxification process.

Having heard the positive results enough times, I decided to investigate this special device. This month I would like to tell you about it and some of my observations.

There are various footbath devices on the market. They all consist of a water module which goes into the water and a power source. The module I used is about the size of a 28oz can. It can be placed in a bath tub to use as a full body treatment, or just placed in a water basin large enough to submerge your feet just above the ankles. 

The power source supplies direct current to the water module. This sets up a reaction between the metals in the unit and the water. Salt is added, to generate positive and negative ions. Ions are atoms that have gained or lost an electron. This creates a magnetic field.

As the electromagnetic field of the body is increased, the person becomes strengthened and energized. A weak magnetic field = disease. As the person absorbs this energy they will start to detoxify on their own. 

The unit I used is called the B.E.S.T. unit, which stands for Bio-Electric Stimulating Technique.

I recently spoke with Wade Harefield, the owner and manufacturer of the B.E.S.T. unit. Wade commented that, “The human body is energy and the body needs energy to detoxify. A lot of times the body cannot detoxify fully because it doesn’t have enough energy. Our unit works by putting energy into the water. The body receives energy from the power source (the magnetic field created by charged ions in the water as described above). The body is 80% water and when you place your feet (which are mostly water)into the (basin filled with) water and then turn the power source on, the body is now absorbing the energy on a cellular level. As it does that, the body will start energizing itself plus it will start releasing toxins. The module does create a little bit of a draw effect so as the body releases the toxins it comes out in the water but you will also release toxins through the urinary system and the colon.”

I asked Wade how his unit differs from other units on the market. According to Wade, “There are two major differences. The water module is patented. It is maintenance free and requires no disk rods or plates that you have to replace. Other units need to replace plates after 50 to 100 footbaths. The big problem is that after about 5 footbaths you lose 50% of the energy coming into the water because of the deterioration process of those materials. The other difference is in the power supply. Where we differ in the power supply is we have been able to identify the identical energy pattern that the human body needs. The energy coming off of other units puts out a dirty signal. The energy pattern they are using is still somewhat efficient and the body can utilize it, but ours is identical to what the body needs and the body fully uses ours at 100%.”

Here is what I noted when I ran the foot bath module without actually placing my feet in the basin.

With the device placed in the water and turned on, the water actually changed color. I ran my unit in water for 30 minutes and noted the colors of the water. This was due to the different properties present in the water itself interacting with the metal composition of the module.

When I placed my feet in the water and ran the device for 30 minutes again, the water also changed color. However, the color change was greater than the “treated” water without my feet in it. I actually took photos of both sessions and when comparing them the color of the water was markedly different with my feet placed in the basin. I also experienced increased urination over the next 24 hours (which is what Wade noted in his comments above).

Some practitioners, who have been doing this for quite awhile, note that the different colors seem to mean different things.

For instance if the water has dark green colorations they feel it is from detoxifying the gall bladder. Black flecks are associated with heavy metals; orange is related to detoxification of the joints, and white cheese-like particles relate to yeast.

One of my patients has noticed different colors at different foot bath treatments and has related the water is not nearly as varied in color at this point. He also reports a huge increase in energy.

Below is a list by various people of some conditions they reported to have improved using this type of technology:

Reduced joint pain
Menstrual Problems 
Poor circulation
Poor Liver & Kidney function

How many treatments are needed?

There is no limit to the number of treatments one can do; however most sources recommend not doing it daily. It is best for adults to do it 3 to 5 times per week, with a break for one to three weeks after about 14 treatments. Then the cycle should begin again. I have met people who use it almost everyday with no adverse effects. It seems that after 3 months of treatment, the patient should be reevaluated to see whether he or she needs to continue.

Each treatment is about 30 minutes. It is safe for almost everyone. Pregnant women, women who are breast feeding, and those with pace makers, or other battery operated implants should not use the footbath. 

Interested in trying a foot bath?

If you would like to try a foot bath, you can call my son’s office, Dr.Adam Breiner, N.D., at 203-371-8258 to arrange for a free session.

Interested in purchasing a Foot Bath unit?
If you would like to purchase a foot bath, Wade from B.E.S.T. will give our newsletter subscribers one hundred dollars off the retail price. I believe the current retail price is around $2300. Wade would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. I do not receive any commissions on your purchase.

© 2006, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

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