Last month in The Energy Connection – Part 1, I discussed the fact that every thing is connected at a subcellular/quantum level.

The Field” by Lynne McTaggart chronicles the quantum physics research, which shows that this vast field of interconnectedness has no boundaries in space or time.

Because there are no boundaries in space or time, the past, present, and even the future can be ascertained. One can no longer think in 2D or even 3D. These ideas are interesting, but what is the relevance for us on a daily basis?

First, and foremost, is the notion that our thoughts are very powerful; they affect not only us but those around us, near and far. We all know individuals who are so negative in their thoughts that they “suck” the energy out of us. Others have so much positive energy that they give us a “charge.”

Second, these concepts have profound implications for healing. If we can tap into this vast informational field, we can use it to diagnose health problems and to correct them. This type of healing approach is based on frequencies.

As readers of my newsletters already know, a frequency is the essence of a homeopathic remedy.

As I write this, Adam and I are flying back from a conference on energy medicine, where a variety of treatment modalities (based on quantum physics) were demonstrated. The main presenter was Dr. Jeff Sutherland. Lest you think that this man is some sort of “voodoo” doctor, let me tell you a little about his background. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and flew 100 combat missions over . He has an M.S. in statistics from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Biometrics, Radiology, and Preventive Medicine from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. At that medical school he was both an Assistant Professor and a cancer researcher. He also worked with two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. He later applied his talents to improving hospital and company efficiency by developing software solutions, which are now the leading software of their type in the world. When Jeff became ill with Lyme disease, his search for health led him into energy medicine. His current avocation is to pass the information that he has acquired on to others in the health field, as he continues his research.

Every single thing has a frequency, including, for example, viruses and bacteria.

One of the tools that Jeff uses is an Aurameter. This is a simple but sophisticated dowsing instrument. A dowsing instrument enables an operator to help tap into the subconscious mind which can then access the information field. Just by non-verbally asking a patient whether, for example, bacteria are affecting the liver, the practitioner using the dowsing instrument will get a yes or no response. If bacteria are present, Jeff then determines the frequency of the bacteria. When the frequency is derived, it can be checked against known bacteria frequencies to see, for example, if it is a Lyme bacteria. But here is the really interesting part; if he has a high quality photograph of the person, Jeff can do this assessment even if the person is in another country. Then, with technologies developed by the military, he can send that frequency back to the patient to kill that particular bacterium. Remember, in homeopathy like-cures-like.

Another piece of equipment that Jeff uses, and that we now have at the Breiner Center , is the Hadoscan. This unit evolved from research in several countries, including the . The Hadoscan performs an energetic evaluation of the entire body (down to the chromosomal level).The scan, which can be performed with a person physically present or via a high quality digital photo of the person, will detail each part of the person’s anatomy. If, for example, an image of the temporal lobe of the brain is being projected, numbers from 1-6 superimposed on the picture of the lobe will be displayed. The ideal levels are 1’s, and areas marked with 5’s and 6’s are definite areas of concern. The scan indicates what the problem is and can project corrective frequencies to be sent out to the affected tissues or organs. Almost immediately after the frequencies are sent, one can see if the numbers have improved.

Naturally, there is a lot more to the Hadoscan. My son, Adam, has been using the Hadoscan, and he finds that the areas it identifies as having problems correlate very well with the patients’ complaints. This information can lead to further evaluations with the EAV or with other more traditional diagnostic tests.

The most important thing to understand is that disease is ultimately a vibrational aberration that can be treated from near or far.

Vibrational changes always precede physical changes.

This is the ultimate practice of preventive medicine.

© 2011, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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