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Natural Nutmeg Magazine featured Dr. Adam Breiner’s article How is Your Brain Performing?


Adam Breiner, ND is the director of The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center. You want to make sure your brain is performing at its best. If you or child play a sport and a head injury is a possibility you need to consider baseline brain testing. This article explains this cutting-edge brain testing and offers essential information regarding brain baseline comparison in case of injury.

Not just for competitive athletes of any age, but students, business people or anyone seeking to improve their overall cognitive health should read this article. Baseline testing is the first place to start when figuring out a customized brain performance enhancement program.






Should you or your child suffer a head injury or other brain trauma, The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center offers numerous neurotherapies to aid in recovery. Every case is different, and customized treatment is planned to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Read full article: How is Your Brain Performing?


You can learn more about our neurotherapies at The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center.


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