I love it when seemingly unrelated pieces of information come together and help validate one another. This is what happened when I studied information on the cause of cancer and suddenly remembered some important information about treating periodontal disease from an article a patient gave me some years ago. This month and next month I would like to share with you the results of my research.


A few months ago I discussed the Nature of Disease (see Some Musings on the Nature of Disease – Part 1 and The Nature of Disease – Part 2) and I discussed the energetic aspects of disease and its prevention, especially as it relates to homeopathy as espoused by Dr. Hahnemann.


Dr. Hahnemann also discussed and emphasized the importance of diet and environment as relates to health. He realized that you could not successfully treat someone who lived in a damp, moldy house.


One of the things that I know from my years of experience is that today, environmental toxins are a large part of all of our health problems. Even the National Cancer Institute recognizes that toxins are the leading cause of cancer. Why is this, and how do these toxins wreak their havoc?


As I did research for my articles on prostate cancer (The Prostate Gland – Part1Prostate Cancer Treatments – Part 2Prostate Cancer Alternatives – Part Three), I read The Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin. The following information is from his outstanding book. I highly recommend that you read his book and investigate his website


The underlying physical cause of cancer was discovered many years ago by Dr. Otto Warburg.

Dr. Warburg earned a doctorate in biochemistry at Berlin University in 1906, and five years later he received his medical degree. He is considered one of the top biochemists in history. He won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for his research on respiratory enzymes. Today, these are called co-enzymes and they are the vitamins and minerals that the body needs for oxygen intracellular metabolism.


Dr. Warburg devoted his life to the study of cancer and he was a meticulous researcher, who would only present his results when they were final and conclusive. Thus he could make statements that were complete and definitive.


Using his characteristically meticulous research techniques, he demonstrated how he could cause any cell or tissue to become cancerous 100% of the time by simply reducing the cellular oxygen level by 35%. This reduction in oxygen caused the cellular respiration to switch from normal aerobic respiration to an anaerobic fermentative form of respiration. Normally, cells metabolize glucose via the Citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle), while in an anaerobic environment glucose converts to lactic acid. This anaerobic or fermentative cycle is a more primitive form of cellular respiration, which enables the cancer cells to reproduce very rapidly.


Dr. Warburg felt that keeping cellular oxygen at adequate levels was the key to combating cancer. And in fact he was very prescient in forecasting what was to come.


Despite Dr. Warburg’s findings, today, the bulk of cancer research focuses on genetics and viruses. At a lecture in 1966, Dr. Warburg warned “… today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism (non-belief) will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime millions of men must die of cancer, unnecessarily.”


Unfortunately, knowing that cancer can be prevented by maintaining an adequate cellular level of oxygen isn’t enough. We must know how to do this.


In Dr. Warburg’s time this was not yet known. However, Brian Peskin has put the pieces together, and in his book presents the research for increasing cellular oxygen on a daily basis to help prevent cancer.


Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) have tremendous oxygenating capabilities, and thus are the key to this puzzle. You probably have heard about EFA’s in relation to Omega 3 and Omega 6 as contained in fish oil. It is thought that today we get too much Omega six and therefore need to take fish oil, which has two times the amount of Omega 3 as Omega 6.


Next month I will discuss Peskin’s research which shows this conventional wisdom is wrong!


© 2009, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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