About IV Solutions

Dr. Adam Breiner and Dr. David Johnston reviewing patient chart

Whole-Body IV Solutions offers numerous IV infusions. These infusions provide a boost to your regular supplement regimen as well as target needs that your body may require in times of stress, sickness, or promote health and wellness.

Whole-Body IV Solutions is part of The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center. Before receiving an IV, you are required to complete a health form and have an intake in order to clear you for the IV procedure.  Once you are approved to receive an IV infusion, our staff will help you in choosing your IV drip.

At Whole-Body IV Solutions, we also offer monthly Memberships. We offer several levels of Memberships which are known as "Tiers." Tiers provide reduced fees for the IV's, free boosters, free one-time visits for a select number of friends or family, AND BECAUSE WE ARE A HEALTH CENTER, you may be eligible for additional savings (based on your selected Tier level) on other health center services. A handout of Membership details is available at your IV visit. Review our IV Menu section for the targeted focus of the individual IV choices. Many of our health services at our center work synergistically with our IV Solutions. See Ionic Foot Baths and Colon Hydrotherapy for adjunctive tools to aid in detoxification. The BEMER (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) is designed to improve circulation and can enhance delivery of your IV nutrients into your cells (watch the two amazing BEMER videos located on our website to understand the power of the BEMER). If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of your nutrient status explore the OligoScan; we are excited to be one of the first clinics in the country to offer the Oligoscan, an in-office spectrophotometer to determine intracellular levels of essential minerals, trace elements, toxic heavy metals, and oxidative stress.

If you are looking to address specific health concerns or merely seeking a higher level of wellness, you may wish to schedule an appointment with one of our outstanding integrative physicians. It is important to note, that this will require a more in-depth intake as we thoroughly investigate the underlying causes of people's ailments.

Dr. David Johnston, our overseeing physician for Whole-Body IV Solutions, is a renowned osteopathic physician and offers many integrated approaches to patient care. Our other amazing doctors include Dr. Mark Breiner, Dr. Adam Breiner, Dr. David Brady, and Dr. Elena Sokolova, all experts in their respective specialties and work with a wide variety of patients who come from all over the country, and even globally, to seek out better health

Please visit our center website to learn more or speak with one of the staff members.