Why IV Therapy?

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IV Drips to Meet Your Needs

Our IV menu offers you the opportunity to select the IV that meets your individual needs. Our nursing staff can help you to customize your drip with added Boosters. Custom drips are available that are designed to support your immune system, recover from jetlag, long work hours or hangovers, restore athletic circulation, increase stamina, support muscle recovery and growth, aid in detoxification, provide anti-aging benefits for youthful skin and glow, infuse fat-burning nutrients that promote weight loss, provide an energy boost and more.

Powerful additions to enhance the benefits of your IV experience

BEMER Pad. Add energy to your body with our BEMER pad which can be placed on your IV lounge chair and used before, during, or after your IV session. BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation) sessions have been shown to increase microcirculation, enhance delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, stimulate your body’s own capacity to heal itself, increase athletic performance, aid in sleep and provide a general feeling of wellbeing. Ask our medical staff about scheduling a BEMER session.

Detoxifying Foot Bath. Help cleanse and aid your detoxification process with our ionic foot bath. The ionic foot bath device, when placed in a water bath, creates an electromagnetic field that is readily absorbed by your feet. As the electromagnetic field of your body is increased, you become strengthened and energized. A weak magnetic field = disease. The energy that you absorb helps start the detoxification process. Ask our medical staff about scheduling a detoxifying foot bath.

Colon Hydrotherapy. A colonic promotes relief from a variety of disturbances by gently cleansing the colon and opening your body’s natural detoxification pathways.  We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean. A Colon Cleanse should be a vital part of your life-long anti-aging and detoxification strategy. Ask the medical staff how you can schedule a doctor-supervised colonic session.

IV Infusion vs. Supplements

The addition of supplements to a healthy diet are a wonderful way to enhance one’s wellbeing. However not all supplements are readily absorbed due to the quality of the product and one’s own gastrointestinal health; therefore, you may only get a small percentage of what you are taking into your blood stream and ultimately into the cells of your body. IV nutrient therapy bypasses the digestive process, delivering 100% of pure quality nutrients to your cells.

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