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Dr. Elena Sokolova: Naturopathic Physician in Fairfield, CTElena Sokolova, MD, ND is a graduate of the First Medical Institute in St.Petersburg, and of the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine.  Currently licensed and practicing exclusively as a Naturopathic Physician in Fairfield, CT, she previously spent eighteen years as a practicing physician in the former Soviet Union and Russia. Dr. Sokolova was a primary care physician in the St. Petersburg Hospital and went on to become Chief Medical Consultant in holistic medicine for “Enrich-International.”  She has advanced certifications in Botanical medicine, Homeopathy, Valeology, Family Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Physical Therapy.  Dr. Sokolova has published numerous articles and has lectured to professional and lay audiences throughout Russia and The United States.

Dr. Sokolova was recently voted 10BEST for the 2018 Readers Choice Awards in Natural Nutmeg magazine for the category of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At Whole-Body Medicine, Dr. Sokolova utilizes Chinese medicine, botanical medicine, homeopathy, viseral or abdominal manual therapy, metabolic typing, custom designed weight-loss programs, and other healing modalities to help her patients with a wide range of health concerns. Patient’s seek her care for her natural approaches to women’s health issues.

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