Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is emerging as one of the most stunning of all medical treatments. Oxygen, the source of life on this planet, when infused into the body at a pressure greater than normal atmospheric pressure, can bring new life to areas once thought lost to disease and injury.

At Whole-Body Medicine we offer patients access to a cutting-edge, integrative Hyperbaric & Neurologic Center. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used to help patients in their recovery from a wide range of neurological and other health challenges.

Unique Hyperbaric Treatments

Whole-Body Medicine may be the only clinic in the country to combine Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with an equally powerful therapy, EEG ‘Real-Time’ Neurofeedback. This advanced form of biofeedback works synergistically with the hyperbaric oxygen to retrain parts of the brain that may have been lost due to stroke, injury, disease, or other trauma. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reawakens the recoverable parts of the brain, while neurofeedback retrains and strengthens the newly awoken brain cells.

The combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and EEG bioneurofeedback is a powerful one. Yet we take our healing protocol a step further by using science-based nutritional and supplements to support the recovery process. 

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