Letter To Our Patients

Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is aware and monitoring the spread of the coronavirus (COVID -19). Avoiding the illness and preventing the spread of this virus is especially important now as it enters our part of the world. The health and safety of our patients, staff, and doctors remain a top priority. 

There is much to learn about COVID-19. Based on what is currently known, the virus is transmitted when someone coughs, sneezes, and the respiratory droplets are passed on directly to another person. Another route of transmission is when a contaminated surface is touched, and then the person transfers the virus by touching their mouth, nose, or eyes.

We have always adhered to a high standard of sterilization in our office. We follow all the EPA and OSHA guidelines and regulations for infectious disease control. The CDC protocol we adhere to prevents the spread of disease and ensures the health and safety of our patients. We sterilize our equipment and decontaminate all surfaces that could potentially transfer all pathogens.

 While the threat is low, prevention is key to keeping it low. We want you to know that our cleaning company, as well as the cleaning company for the building, are acutely aware of the situation and are doing their absolute best to ensure the safety of our office and the building. 

Our offices will remain open during this time. We encourage you to keep your appointments unless you are displaying symptoms of the Coronavirus or have had known contact with someone who is infected. We have numerous methods to boost your immune system against viruses and other illnesses. This is what we do. Whether in-office visit, long-distance consults or other cutting-edge technologies, call. Don’t sit alone and worry. Empower yourself. The best defense against this virus is a Good Immune System. Watch for our articles, videos and informative pieces that we will be posting or emailing to help you help yourself. Educate yourself. Below is an article on Vitamin C and the Coronavirus. Easy to do? Yes. Learn about the research and role of this important Vitamin plays in fighting viruses. 

Can you do this yourself? Yes. Can you come into our office for an Immune-Boosting IV or an IV C infusion – Yes! Take this step in addition to taking Vitamin orally. Call us if you want to schedule an immune-boosting IV or if you want to order high-quality Vit C Supplements. For a LIMITED TIME, we are offering a 20% discount on our High-Dose Vitamin C IV and on our Immune-Boosting IVs. Call the medical team at 203-371-8258 ext.2. Want to learn more about IV’s? Visit the IV Solution section of our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. And please know that during this time, as always, the wellbeing of our patients, staff, and doctors are paramount. 

Thank you!

The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center

LEARN about boosting your immune system against viruses.