Whole-Body Medicine is one of the few Hyperbaric Oxygen facilities in the tri-state area, which specializes in the treatment of neurological conditions.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is emerging as one of the most stunning of all medical treatments. Oxygen, the source of life on this planet, when infused into the body at higher than atmospheric pressure, can bring new life to areas once thought lost to disease and injury.

Whole-Body Medicine uses advanced Sechrist monoplace chambers.  The use of monoplace chambers enables us to provide each patient with a level of customization not possible with multi-place or inflatable hyperbaric chambers.

There are specific protocols for each condition. Lyme disease is generally treated at a greater depth and at a length of time up to 90 minutes; stroke and Autism are treated at shallower depths and for a shorter time.  A multiplace chamber houses multiple patients at a time, often with different conditions and needs. Because of this, optimal treatment protocols cannot always be achieved for every patient in a multi-place unit.

Your hyperbaric oxygen treatment begins with a thorough evaluation and screening. Additional tests and scans may be run to determine if hyperbaric oxygen is the right course of treatment for you.

Often other adjunct therapies may be used along with hyperbaric oxygen to maximize and accelerate results.  These synergistic therapies include diet, supplementation, EEG Neurofeedback, Neurotherapies, and physical therapy, etc.

Our hyperbaric oxygen chambers adhere to the strictest levels of safety and maintenance.  The chambers have been installed and maintained by PVHO2 Systems Inc. At all times during your treatment, either a doctor or trained hyperbaric oxygen technician will be present to monitor your treatment.  Patients may choose to watch TV or a streaming service, such as Netflex, during their treatment, or they may want to meditate or catch up on much-needed rest.


Because hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a cutting-edge treatment, most insurance agencies have not yet recognized it’s benefits for many conditions.  However, some of our patients have succeeded in getting reimbursed from their insurance companies after further petition and evaluation. Other patients have received financial assistance from family, friends, churches, and other organizations. We realize that cost is a significant concern to many of our patients, so we offer flexible payment options to help meet your needs.  If you would like to learn more about hyperbaric oxygen and how we may be able to meet you, please speak with our office.

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