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I have been a patient of Dr. Adam Breiner for many years.  I have always found him to be professional, highly knowledgeable and eager to help me in any way possible.  He has gone over and above in the diagnosis and treatment of my many health issues. He is dutiful, mindful and always probing medical thought with his patients’ well-being in the forefront.  He has a good sense of humor and an endearing personality as well.  Sometimes one might have to wait a bit more than expected, but that is because Dr. Breiner takes his time with each and every patient.  It is worth any wait because Dr. Breiner is worth his weight in gold. I would highly recommend Dr. Breiner to my friends and family, in fact, I have.  He has also helped them at my request.  Providing treatment, diagnosis, literature to read and other methods or ideas to explore for improving their health situations.  His office is well staffed with super people and technicians, most of which embrace his expertise, aid in the different treatment modalities and model his professional behavior.

Linda P.

  “I was looking for a natural, alternative to conventional medicine “doctor” when my daughter developed allergies and was prescribed steroids that didn’t help much. I was also pregnant with my second daughter at the time and was interested in naturopathic methods that would help me without harming my baby. I was lucky to be introduced to Dr. Sokolova by a friend and that’s how she became our family doctor. Now all my family members including my mom go to seek her advice. The unique approach of this doctor is a rare find! The key is her knowledge of Naturopathy and Chinese medicine along with an extensive experience in conventional/Western medicine. A whole-body approach is really what every doctor should be practicing nowadays, as it looks at your problems on every level, from your nutrition to environment of your home, not just addressing a single symptom and prescribing drugs. Through the years that I know Dr. Sokolova, my health had improved considerably. Thanks to her acupuncture efforts I no longer suffer from migraine headaches I had for years. By utilizing desensitization procedure Dr. Sokolova got rid of allergy symptoms for me and my daughter. Chinese herbal supplements that Dr. Sokolova have chosen for me, had healed my digestive system. I received great advice on nutrition and exercise and am learning something new every time I see her.  Thank you for your dedication and being part of our lives!”

K. P.

  Two years ago, my mother had a fall. She hit her head and it caused bleeding on the brain. It was considered a traumatic brain injury. It was such a trauma event, with broken ribs and punctured lung, the doctors felt that she was no longer going to be able to walk again, because of some paralysis had set in. In addition to that, it really affected her brain function. She wasn’t alert, she didn’t have much emotion, she was incoherent, she wasn’t able to talk well, she wasn’t able to function well. So, the analysis by all the doctors and neurologists was basically your mother is in a position where she’s going to have to be in a nursing home the rest of her life, 24/7 care. After ten Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, we started to see my mother’s brain wake up. She became more alert, the whole nursing staff was astonished. Within about three weeks, she started to get up and function and to stand. And then she started to be able to do physical therapy, because the high pressurized oxygen seemed to start to wake up brain cells. And it started to enhance all the healing processes within her. So, we took someone who had been given up by all the traditional orthodox medical professionals, all the doctors, all the nurses, the neurologist, the physical therapist, even the occupational therapist wouldn’t work with my mom. They said “It’s hopeless.” And once we got those treatments going, within a couple weeks, she was in a position where she could do treatment to start to repair her body physically. And then she was able to undergo the speech therapies which enabled her to start functioning and speaking, and starting understanding what to do. The combination of the EEG, the nutritional protocols, and the hyperbaric, all of those together were synergistic, and they helped my mother make a remarkable recovery. In fact, six weeks after implementing the program, the medical staff at the nursing home she was at, and in the place where they thought she’d spend the rest of her life, gave permission for her to go home and resume therapy at home. So, it was just a remarkable comeback on my mother’s part, that no on expected. Where people have been frustrated and there is now hope, this is an atmosphere of hope. Where they combine, again, not just hyperbaric, but all the nutrients, the neurofeedback machines, that can enhance or optimize the potential of any patient. So anyone I meet, anyone I see out there suffering, anyone out there who I see has been given a prognosis of hopelessness, and a future where they’re going to be disabled for life, this is an opportunity to come in, optimize your health, and optimize the potential to heal and improve the condition that the patients is faced with.

P. M.

  I have a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which affects my sympathetic nervous system, creating severe pain, swelling, lack of sleep. And it’s bilateral, which means if I injure something on the right side, then the right side hurts for a day or two, but it’ll transfer and go to the left as well. And even though the sensation isn’t there, I feel it. Medicine treats it with benzodiazepine drugs, nerve block shots, a lot of drugs to help your nervous system. There’s no cure for RSD, but there is remission. And with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it’s got me pretty close to remission. I use it to treat the pain and the swelling. I’ve also started to do EEGs here, which I hadn’t done before. It’s given me an extra oomph of, literally brain power. My brain is a lot of times very foggy. And after the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, of putting all the oxygen into the bloodstream and into the brain, I then do an EEG, which also helps to pump up my brain and my nervous system. They use that also to calm my nervous system down. And it really works wonderful. It’s given me back my life. I no longer use mainstream medication. I use hyperbaric oxygen therapy and EEG. I also use different supplements that Dr. Breiner has given to me, which has helped me tremendously.

L. P.

  Dr. Adam Breiner helped me when no one else could. My personality is based around my ability to smile and laugh and interact with people. Four days before my wedding I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy!. I wish I had found you at that time. I tried just about every treatment out there: I went for MRI’s, I took prescribed medical treatments, I tried antibiotics, B12 shots, electric stimulation, chiropractic massages, and acupuncture (which bruised my face!). I went to two neurologists, one basically looked at me and told me I had Bell’s Palsy, the other injected steroid shots directly into my head, and NOTHING helped. Reading all the information on the internet I learned that if Bell’s Palsy didn’t clear up after a couple of weeks, it would be at minimum a year before it was ok, if it cleared up at all. It now had been 2 months. I tried to keep a positive attitude, but found myself getting very depressed and discouraged. I am usually a very positive person, and this illness was completely transforming my personality. It effected how I dealt with people at work. People would talk to me and after a couple of minutes feel so uncomfortable, they would excuse themselves and walk away. After weeks of research using the internet, I then stumbled across Laser Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. I found that Whole Body Medicine is the only place in the Connecticut area that provided this type of therapy. I was at the end of my rope. I was going to give this one more try, and if there were no changes, I was going to live with my circumstances for as long as necessary. I called Whole Body Medicine and you were honest enough to tell me that I may not need the Hyperbaric treatments, and that you have had some successes with laser treatments for Bell’s Palsy. I was very excited, but I was not going to set myself up for yet another disappointment. I came to your office, and you went through the incredibly thorough job of understanding my situation. It was extremely comforting to at least deal with a doctor that appears to truly care about his patients. Then we proceeded to verify and identify where the possible physical problems were occurring, using advanced technical equipment that would put set the medical industry on its ear. Directly after the first treatment, there was no change. However, 24 hours later, I noticed that the paralyzed portion of my face was beginning to have movement! I was excited. I had tried everything. I went back for 4 more treatments, and my face was almost completly back to normal. After so many months of no changes, this was a miracle. You gave me my personality and my life back to me! I stopped any further treatments after 5 because I was able to blink, laugh, smile and show teeth, and talk normally. Within a month of the last treatment, I was 99% back to normal. It is now 8 months after the treatments, and as long as I can smile, life is wonderful. This whole experience has given me a new perspective on life.

L. R.

  I started experiencing health issues from a very young age but often when I approached western doctors with my complaints they were met with skepticism. The pediatricians and conventional specialists I saw only focused on treating my most flagrant symptoms, and as a result my condition as a whole failed to improve. Dr. Sokolova not only listened to me but she recognized and addressed all of the subtle imbalances in my body that had for so long been degrading my overall quality of life. She tackled these issues using a variety of approaches including the use of botanicals, Chinese remedies, as well as homeopathic remedies. When I first entered Dr. Sokolova’s office, a desperate teen, I remember struggling to keep my eyes open and being concerned that my incessant yawning was rude or offensive. I am now a college student full of life and health, and I know I never would have had the strength to take on these great challenges and embark on my life’s path if I hadn’t received the treatment I needed from Dr. Sokolova.

P. H.

  My wife had a brain hemmorhage on March 1, 2005, and suffered a damaging stroke due to an occlusion of a brain blood vessel happening during a proceedure at the hospItal, one week later. The injury to her right brain left her with some mental deficits, especially in her short term memory capability, and more significant deficits to her left arm and leg. We came to Whole Body Medicine six months or so after the stroke. I wish we had begun oxygen therapy immediately after the stroke event, but conventional doctors will not make any reference to alternative techniques for stroke recovery, hoarding to themselves the de facto power to keep stroke victims in the dark. Fortunately for my wife and I, a friend of ours recommended that we seek out Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments… we discovered naturopathic physician, Dr. Adam Breiner, who as administrating physician, lent a thorough and sympathetic ear to my wife’s situation. After an examination to determine her suitability for oxygen treatments, we began HBOT. After a series of treatments we have all seen her improvements in several categories: her complexion has gone from yellowy to healthy tones; appetite has gone from poor to normal; physical energy from poor to good; use of her left leg for walking has shown steady improvement. Her left arm was still a struggle, but it has gone from no motion at all, to limited ability to hold the arm out from her body, and slightly raise and lower it. These improvements have given us great hope for further developments, and we intend to stay with the HBOT therapies for some time to come. Given my wife’s relative youth (mid-50’s), maximizing her potential recovery is too important for us to pull any punches. She has been getting ‘real-time EEG /biofeedback sessions at Whole-Body Medicine, also under Dr. Breiner’s supervision. I feel that those sessions have contributed to such subtle improvements as better physical balance, short term memory enhancement, and overall better mentation. Someday conventional medicine will embrace the usefullness of employing HBOT, biofeedback, nutritional enhancement, and body massage using light therapy, for stroke and other situations. At present, regular doctors are dated nay—sayers, in my opinion. Since we have arrived at the doorstep of Whole-Body Medicine, we’ve felt that we had found a doctor and a staff that cared, that was in our corner. We’re grateful for that.

A. T.

  I have had colonics all over the world, (NewYork, London, Sydney-Austrailia to the Figian Islands). Optimum health and vitality is a priority in my life and so I have tracked down the best holistic centers on my travels. No center comes close to the experience I received at Whole Body Medicine. The moment I met Dr. Adam Breiner I felt comfortable and at ease. He was friendly and professional as we discussed various detoxification programs. I knew already that this place was different from the many clinics I had been too before where people are shuffled in and out as quickly as possible…I recommend this clinic to anyone who takes their health and the power of detoxification seriously. All the resources and support to restore and rejuvenate your body to its full glory can be found here.”  

G. E., Healing Practitioner

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