Vitamin C and The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus

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Whether it be for prevention or treatment of any viral infection, intake of Vitamin C should be high on the list of things to do. The foremost researcher and clinician on the use of Vitamin C for infections were Dr. Frederick R. Klenner. He used high doses of Vitamin C for many problems such as measles, mumps, shingles, mononucleosis, arthritis, and various other infections. Because everyone is concerned about the Human virus, a look at Dr. Klenner’s work about viruses and respiratory problems is useful.

Most mammals can produce their Vitamin C; however, humans cannot. Everyone is aware that scurvy is the result of Vitamin C depletion. To prevent scurvy, the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of Vitamin C is 90 mg for an adult male and 75 mg for females. This dosage will, in most cases, prevent acute scurvy. However, when one looks at the amount of Vit C produced by an animal like a rat and interpolates this to the weight of a human, 2-4 grams of Vitamin C is produced in an unstressed state, and 15 grams manufactured in a stressed state. 

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As Dr. Klenner stated, “The physiological requirements in man are no different from other mammals capable of carrying out these syntheses.” Thus, we see a big chasm between the amount needed to prevent acute scurvy and the amount required to avoid what Dr. Klenner considered a chronic hypovitaminosis. Considering the metabolic and genetic variations in individuals and with the stressors of modern life, he felt that 10 grams of Vit C taken orally was a decent prophylactic amount for an adult. However, for illness, he used much higher dosages. 

Dr. Klenner felt he could cure just about any infection with massive doses of intravenous Vit C. At one point at the height of the polio epidemic (the late ’40s), Dr. Klenner cured 60 out of the 60 polio cases that he treated. All fully recovered with no post-viral sequelae. 

Pertinent to our discussion of the coronavirus, viral pneumonia is the most serious problem. Using intravenous Vitamin C, Dr. Klenner would quickly cure these types of cases. China is now doing a study to test the effect of IV C on patients so afflicted. However, they probably will not see a beneficial outcome. Dr. Klenner warned that practitioners did not get his results because they did not use high enough dosages. For a severe case, Dr. Klenner would use approximately 350 mg/kg every four hours. This dose would be about 25 grams for a 150-pound person. In the current study conducted in China, they are using 12 grams twice a day for seven days. In contrast, Dr. Klenner would continue to use his high dosage until the patient was better and then slowly reduce the amount over time to prevent relapse.

One observation that Dr. Klenner noted, taking a large dose of Vitamin C orally or intravenously during the period of incubation, could prevent the disease from manifesting. These doses were less than what would be needed than if the disease appeared.

Another pioneer in Vitamin C therapy was Dr. Robert Cathcart. He found the best way to determine your proper oral dose of Vitamin C was to take enough to cause loose stools (loose stool is not usually a side effect of intravenous Vit C). You would then titrate down on the amount of your dosage until you have normal stools. 

My recommendation is to start with 10 grams orally and to titrate up or down as needed. When treating an infection with oral Vitamin C, the amount required will correlate directly to the severity of the infection. The usual oral form of Vit C is sodium ascorbate or the newer liposomal forms. The liposomal types of Vitamin C show a higher rate of absorption. 

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Intravenously administered Vit C provides optimal absorption.  IV therapy bypasses the digestive process and delivers 100% of the Vit C to your cells. Once the IV infusion begins, the Vit C and other nutrients are instantly circulated into your bloodstream and then readily absorbed by your cells. Our health center offers intravenous Vit C as well as other immune-boosting IV’s, supplements, and modalities to enhance your immune system. Call our medical office for an appointment to POWER UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM at 203-371-8258.