During his early years of using homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann had great success in relieving patients’ symptoms. He felt frustrated however, when a number of his patients subsequently returned to him with new symptoms. He noticed that overtime, many slowly progressed downhill. For 12 years, Dr. Hahnemann tirelessly investigated why this was happening. He kept his research secret, even from his closest followers, until he had developed and utilized, with much success, his work on miasms. In 1828, he presented his work in the book, “The Chronic Diseases”.

Dr. Hahnemann found miasms to be the underlying cause of all chronic diseases.These miasms can either be contracted, e.g., syphilis, or passed on generationally. The three miasms he found were psora, syphilinum, and sycosis.

Dr. Hahnemann theorized that psora was the basis for most diseases, and he traced this back to biblical times. Syphilinum has syphilis as its cause, and sycosis is associated with gonorrhea. These miasms represent the core from which the various symptoms emerge. They are given names, like eczema, herpes, arthritis, heart disease, or colitis.

Looking at a patient’s list of external symptoms (nature’s voice) with knowledge of the underlying miasms, leads the physician to a homeopathic remedy, which can then begin the process of cure. Disease is ultimately a vibrational aberration, which must be cured vibrationally. Homeopathic remedies and the treatment modalities so often used at the Breiner Center for Health are vibrational in nature. Unfortunately, I cannot go into depth on this topic; however, I will, hopefully, give you enough information for you to see the profoundness of Dr. Hahnemann’s discovery.

Dr. Hahnemann observed that the reason these miasms became such a problem was suppression of their symptoms. For instance, for centuries, mercury was used to treat syphilis. The mercury would clear up the overt sore (chancre) on the penis. However, this would not cure the inner disease. As time would progress, physical and mental symptoms would manifest. To effect a real cure, the underlying syphilis had to be addressed, not just the overt symptoms.

Think about the extent to which traditional medicine focuses on suppression of symptoms today. Drugs are used for every little symptom a person has. Recently, a 27 year old, patient came to see me, thinking that his mercury fillings were affecting his health. His three chief symptoms were: prostate problems, fears and fatigue. He related that he had a constant ache in his prostate, despite the fact that his doctors said everything looked fine. He had to sleep with the light on because of a fear of the dark. He also had fears of heights and evil spirits. All these symptoms came on about two years ago. I asked if he had ever had any venereal diseases. “Yes,” he said, “about two years ago I had gonorrhea, and was treated with an antibiotic.” All his present symptoms developed soon thereafter. This case clearly demonstrated to me the dangers of suppression, as observed by Dr. Hahnemann. If this patient would not be treated homeopathically to once and for all cure the gonorrhea, he’d probably end up with a variety of drugs prescribed for his present symptoms, plus new drugs for the inevitable side effects of those drugs.

Dr. Hahnemann also talked about exciting causes of these underlying miasms.Exciting causes are external stressors that can bring a latent miasm to the surface or prevent a cure. Then, as today, toxic emotional stress, poor diet, poor living conditions, toxins, drugs, etc. can all be exciting causes. I find about 80% of symptoms improve when toxic metals, chemicals and pesticides are removed from a patient. The remaining symptoms give the homeopath a clear picture of the fundamental miasmatic disease which can then be appropriately treated.

Remember, symptoms are nature’s voice. Even the most minor of symptoms is telling you something. When one becomes aware of Dr. Hahnemann’s work, one can begin to interpret nature’s voice and bring about true health.

© 2009, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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