March, 2019

There are two opposing views concerning root canals. At one end is the position of the dental association which fundamentally believes that as long as a root canal tooth is non-symptomatic and appears OK on an x-ray, the tooth is fine and not injurious to the host. At the opposite end is the position of most holistic dentists that all root canals are harmful to the host and require extraction.

January, 2019

The movie, ROOT CAUSE, is now available to download on Vimeo as well as itunes. Root Cause is a story/documentary of one man’s journey to solving his chronic health problems.

December, 2018

What does it mean to be tongue-tied?

August, 2018

The "All-Aboard" Syndrome

I have been doing dentistry long enough that I now feel that I have acquired a certain amount of dental wisdom and I am obligated to speak out as to what I think is best for you, the patient.

April, 2018

One of the best dental investments (and one of the most expensive) I have made is the 3D CAT Scan for the head. This device provides a high-quality 3D rendering of your pertinent dental structures including your sinuses.

October, 2017
 "But Dr. Breiner, you are supposed to be holistic: why are you insisting that I have x-rays taken?

August, 2017
Foot in the mouth syndrome? Well...your foot doesn't exactly rest in your mouth, but your mouth does relate to the rest of your body. Learn why a jaw problem is a whole-body problem.
July, 2017
Woman TiredSleep Disorder Breathing in Adults - Do you suffer from a lack of oxygen?
June, 2017

Sleep Disordered Breathing - What is It?

February, 2017
Feature Article:
August, 2016

"Doc, my tooth is killing me! I've been up all night from the pain!" What happens next in the dental chair is fairly straightforwardWoman with Facial Pain. The severe pain seems to indicate an abscessing tooth.

August, 2015

Op-Ed Hartford Courant - August 2015

Connecticut Dental Mercury Rule Imperils Patients


March, 2015

Court Case and Dental Boards 

October, 2013

In my last newsletter I promised to share with you some case studies and the results of treatment with the Sankaran method. I hope you find these interesting and that they help you to appreciate the beauty of homeopathy.

August, 2013

Last month I discussed my strategy of treating on two levels, the outer physical level (the level of toxins, mercury fillings, bad bite, etc.) and the inner energetic level. (For a greater understanding of this month's newsletter, please read Part One; Why Some Holistic Dentists T

July, 2013

Some holistic dentists and physicians believe that every root canal needs to be extracted, no exceptions. Some feel that every third molar extraction site needs to be surgically exposed. Because I do not believe this, some of these dentists believe that I am not a true-blue holistic dentist.

May, 2013

Have you ever heard the idiom, "To act like a canary in a coal mine?" Canaries were used in coal mines to warn the miners of the presence of dangerous methane gas. Similarly, there is an exciting new dental technology, The Canary System (TCS), which targets the detection and prevention of tooth decay. Just like the little yellow birds, this low-power laser light techno

March, 2013

On Thursday, March 28, the Dr. Oz television show aired a segment on Mercury Amalgam (“silver”) fillings. I would like to congratulate Dr. Oz on exposing to the public some of the dangers from mercury fillings.


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