August, 2019

Dr. Mark Breiner and Dr. Luis GarciaInvestigating the Field of Biomagnetism

December, 2015

Patients often ask their holistic doctor, "Why should I buy my supplements from you? I can order them online and probably pay less."

It's a good question-and it also has a very good answer. When you order supplements from your trusted doctor, you know exactly what you are getting.  

April, 2015

I often say that the truth is always the truth. If I want to learn about nutrition I rely on the wisdom of the old-timers like Dr. Weston price and Dr. Royal Lee. Eventually, their approach is always vindicated.

August, 2014

I view a patient as analogous to an egg. There is the visible outer shell and the inner gooey substance. The shell represents physicality; it is the level of toxins, the presence of mercury fillings, root canals, etc. It is the level where we can deal with the problem in a very direct physical way. If a patient has mercury fillings, they can be removed. A broken arm can be reset and placed in a cast. Such situations are pretty straightforward and easy to fix.

February, 2014

In past newsletters I have discussed the health benefits of a proper pH level in our bodies and in our water.This month I want to delve deeper into the topic of pH and the role it plays in our systemic wellbeing.

January, 2014

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Most importantly, I wish everyone a healthy year. Good health is an essential  basis for happiness, fulfillment, and emotional well-being. With that in mind, I would like to urge everyone to pursue natural ways of healing before taking prescription drugs. There is a place for everything and sometimes a drug is necessary.

April, 2012

There are 3 essential requirements for drinking water to be healthy. It should be 1) free of contaminants, 2) alkaline, and 3) micro-clustered.

I will briefly discuss each of these.

February, 2012

It has been three years since I wrote a series of newsletters on water. After attending the seminar with Dr. Tennant (see last month’s newsletter, Healing with Voltage), I decided it was time to revisit the water issue.

January, 2012

A while ago a patient recommended that I read the book Healing is Voltage

July, 2011

Many years ago I read about Edgar Cayce's ability to enter into a hypnotic state, wherein he "connected" to someone in order to assess a health problem and recommend treatment. Many call this voodoo or just plain nonsense.

May, 2011

Several months ago my friend, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, gave me a book called "Earthing".

April, 2011

An interesting article in the Tuesday, March 15th, edition of the Wall St. Journal prompted me to do further research. The article discussed using plants to detoxify indoor air.

June, 2010

Much of what we do at the Breiner Centre for Whole-Body Health is energy-based. This month I am interviewing my son, naturopathic physician, Dr. Adam Breiner, about his energetic method for treating allergies.

March, 2010

This past week I viewed a screening of a new documentary called "Full Signal". The film dealt with the potential hazards of cell phones, cell phone towers and antennas. I was invited to the screening by my friend and patient, Camilla Rees, who is a driving force behind the dissemination of information related to all forms of electromagnetic pollution.

November, 2009

This month, I would like to continue my discussion of the information contained in Brian Peskin's book, "The Hidden Story of Cancer". Some additional research will also be included.

To prevent cancer, adequate cellular oxygen must be maintained. 

September, 2009

I love it when seemingly unrelated pieces of information come together and help validate one another.

June, 2009

I have previously mentioned my friend, Dr. Boyd HaleyNot only is Dr. Haley a brilliant biochemist, but he is also a true scientist who bases his thoughts and opinions on science and facts.

February, 2009

The research I have been doing on water has been fascinating. Last month I discussed two good methods for purifying water, either by reverse osmosis or distillation. These remove the physical impurities from the water, but these methods alone are not enough.


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