My View on Root Canals

March, 2019

There are two opposing views concerning root canals. At one end is the position of the dental association which fundamentally believes that as long as a root canal tooth is non-symptomatic and appears OK on an x-ray, the tooth is fine and not injurious to the host. At the opposite end is the position of most holistic dentists that all root canals are harmful to the host and require extraction. My stance is somewhere in the middle.

Why am I not at the far end in either direction?

Human beings are too complex to be thought of in terms of black and white. Even Dr. Price, who did 25 years of research into the systemic effects of root canals found 25% to be tolerated by the host. It all depends on the individual's constitution, heredity, and I believe the health of the associated organs along the acupuncture meridians that the tooth is on. If the individual can quarantine the toxins, they will be fine.

Root canal teeth are toxic, and the safest thing to do is never to have one. If a person comes with down cancer, I think the root canal(s) should be removed.  I had a cousin diagnosed with cancer, and before he was to start treatment, the oncologist wanted him to be cleared dentally to ensure that he had no dental infections. Two root canaled teeth were present, and I wrote a letter with some supporting documentation recommending extraction of these teeth. The oncologist dismissed my position saying they were looking for apparent infection and did not consider root canaled teeth in this category. Being at the "best" oncology center in the world with the "best" oncology doctors my cousin chose to side with them. I wonder if my cousin would have survived had his root canaled teeth been removed.

Dr. Issels, a German physician who operated a cancer clinic for 50 years, found that once he started removing root canaled teeth present in his cancer patients, his cure rate significantly improved. However, what if you don't have cancer? Should all root canaled teeth be extracted?

I once had a patient, let's call him Arthur, referred by his best friend who had written an exhaustive book on cancer and various complementary treatments. The author told his friend that he absolutely must extract all his root canaled teeth. Arthur was about 75 years old, he had not checked off as having any health problems on my exhaustive health questionnaire, and by the dapper way he dressed, and as evidenced by the amount of dentistry he had in his mouth, appearance was essential to him. Every tooth had a crown, and he had 14 root canals. He had spent at least $100,000 on restoring his mouth, and he loved showing off his smile. I energetically tested his root canaled teeth and not one tested poorly. In talking with Arthur, it was clear that the thought of losing his teeth would be psychologically devastating. He had only come to see me because his best friend was so worried about him. In a case like this, I think extracting all his root canaled teeth would have had a tremendous negative impact on his well-being.

My approach, unless cancer or an imminent life-threatening disease is present, is a cautious one. I will test an individual using EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll), also known as Electrodermal Screening, to ascertain their level of toxicity. Then complex homeopathic remedies will be used to reduce the toxic load. I find eliminating the toxins in the order the body wants to be the most effective. For instance, if a person demonstrates having increased levels of pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, and fungus, then I will test in what order the body wishes to eliminate them. I view this as a physical level of treatment. It is imperative to treat the non-physical at the same time as the physical. The non-physical is the spiritual, emotional, epigenetic and those things passed down generationally. I chose a single homeopathic remedy to treat the non-physical level, and the patient will resonate with the right remedy and improvements will begin to occur in a few weeks. Typically, over the course of 4 to 6 months, most patients will significantly improve.

It is essential to understand that almost all root canaled teeth will test poorly if the patient is toxic. I prefer to examine root canaled teeth when the patient's toxic load is down and when the physical and non-physical levels have improved. At this point, I will test the root canaled teeth and check for cavitations. Cavitations are areas where teeth have been extracted, and the bone has not healed correctly resulting in a hole in the bone. This hole (or cavity) becomes a repository for bacteria, viruses, fungus, and heavy metals. Like root canals, cavitations can cause systemic effects. Years ago, surgery would be required to heal cavitations. Today I find, that by treating at a physical and non-physical level, and with injections of ozone gas into the cavitation, surgery is rarely required.

A patient example is Jessica. Jessica came in concerned about her three root canals. I treated her at a physical and non-physical level, and now her root canaled teeth tested as being quarantined by her immune system and not affecting her systemically. I did not detect any cavitations. Jessica now had to decide if she wanted to leave the root canaled teeth or extract them.  I made her aware of the following: her teeth tested well today; however, it did not guarantee that they would always test well. If something brings down her defenses, like a car accident or significant emotional trauma, her quarantine of the toxins from one, two, or three of the root canals may no longer be successful. Another thing for her to consider is heredity; has her mother or grandmother had breast cancer? If that strain runs in the family and one of the root canaled teeth is on the breast meridian, Jessica may want to extract that particular tooth and leave the other two. Also, if she chooses to do an extraction, now being in a better state of health, her ability to heal from surgery without a cavitation developing is significantly improved.

Let us now take another example. Jody, 28 years old, had been treated at both the physical and nonphysical level with homeopathics. Jody had two root canaled teeth, and one of them was her front tooth. Upon testing, one root canal tested OK, but the root canal on the front tooth did not test well. Jody's whole visage changed when she learned about her front tooth. The thought of losing her front tooth was devastating to her. She absolutely could not entertain the idea of having it removed, and she sobbed uncontrollably. In this instance, I think the loss of the front tooth would have been more harmful than keeping it. I told Jody that we would continue to improve upon her constitution and the associated organs along that meridian. She started to smile and was already in a better place. However, I advised her that if anything changed for the worse with her health, this front tooth was one of the first places to check.

I believe that it is imperative that each person is treated and consulted on an individual basis. There is so much we know but much more that we don't know. I have read cases of homeopathic cures of cancer and all sorts of diseases; these successful cures occurred without the removal of root canaled teeth or mercury fillings; this is why I tend to err on the side of caution.

© 2019, Mark A. Breiner, DDS 

The information presented is for educational purposes only. Please consult a qualified dentist or health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.