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September, 2019

Dr. Mark Breiner and Dr. Luis Garcia

Investigating the Field of Biomagnetism - Part Two

Last month I related my experience attending a Biomagnetism course and how exciting it was. This month I would like to discuss what Biomagnetism therapy is, its origins, and what it can achieve.

August, 2019

Dr. Mark Breiner and Dr. Luis GarciaInvestigating the Field of Biomagnetism

In my quest to find additional modalities to help my patients, family, and friends enjoy a healthier, vibrant life, I am consistently reading and exploring.
March, 2019

There are two opposing views concerning root canals. At one end is the position of the dental association which fundamentally believes that as long as a root canal tooth is non-symptomatic and appears OK on an x-ray, the tooth is fine and not injurious to the host. At the opposite end is the position of most holistic dentists that all root canals are harmful to the host and require extraction. My stance is somewhere in the middle.

Why am I not at the far end in either direction?

January, 2019

The movie, ROOT CAUSE, is now available to download on Vimeo as well as itunes. Root Cause is a story/documentary of one man’s journey to solving his chronic health problems. The turning point in his health occurred when he had his root-canaled tooth extracted. By the number of calls coming into my office, the movie is having an impact on those with root canals.

December, 2018

What does it mean to be tongue-tied?

August, 2018

The "All-Aboard" Syndrome

I have been doing dentistry long enough that I now feel that I have acquired a certain amount of dental wisdom and I am obligated to speak out as to what I think is best for you, the patient.

June, 2018

It's Like Playing A Game of Clue!


April, 2018

One of the best dental investments (and one of the most expensive) I have made is the 3D CAT Scan for the head. This device provides a high-quality 3D rendering of your pertinent dental structures including your sinuses. One of the most important things I can see is the airway. I am amazed at how many patients have a definitive airway problem as seen on their 3D scan or an airway problem that needs further investigation.

December, 2017

As 2018 rapidly approaches, I wanted to share with our newsletter readers some advice for good health from our doctors at t

October, 2017
 "But Dr. Breiner, you are supposed to be holistic: why are you insisting that I have x-rays taken?

August, 2017
Foot in the mouth syndrome? Well...your foot doesn't exactly rest in your mouth, but your mouth does relate to the rest of your body. Learn why a jaw problem is a whole-body problem.
July, 2017
Woman TiredSleep Disorder Breathing in Adults - Do you suffer from a lack of oxygen?
June, 2017

Sleep Disordered Breathing - What is It?

Are you aware that 9 out of 10 children suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) symptoms? Well, I was not aware of this, and now that I am, it is amazing what I now "see"!

February, 2017
Feature Article:
Just Because You Have a Hammer - Not Everything is About Dentistry! 

October, 2016
Interview Dr. Robban Sica - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
August, 2016

"Doc, my tooth is killing me! I've been up all night from the pain!" What happens next in the dental chair is fairly straightforwardWoman with Facial Pain. The severe pain seems to indicate an abscessing tooth. Usually an X-ray is taken, certain questions are asked, and perhaps certain tests are performed.

December, 2015

Patients often ask their holistic doctor, "Why should I buy my supplements from you? I can order them online and probably pay less."

It's a good question-and it also has a very good answer. When you order supplements from your trusted doctor, you know exactly what you are getting.  

August, 2015

Op-Ed Hartford Courant - August 2015

Connecticut Dental Mercury Rule Imperils Patients


April, 2015

I often say that the truth is always the truth. If I want to learn about nutrition I rely on the wisdom of the old-timers like Dr. Weston price and Dr. Royal Lee. Eventually, their approach is always vindicated.