Whole-Body Newsletter

June, 2009

I have previously mentioned my friend, Dr. Boyd HaleyNot only is Dr. Haley a brilliant biochemist, but he is also a true scientist who bases his thoughts and opinions on science and facts.

May, 2009
During his early years of using homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann had great success in relieving patients' symptoms. He felt frustrated however, when a number of his patients subsequently returned to him with new symptoms. He noticed that overtime, many slowly progressed downhill. For 12 years, Dr. Hahnemann tirelessly investigated why this was happening. He kept his research secret, even from his closest followers, until he had developed and utilized, with much success, his work on miasms. In 1828, he presented his work in the book, "The Chronic Diseases".
April, 2009

This month I would like to reflect upon the observations I have made during my years of practice.

March, 2009

In this newsletter, I would like to discuss lasers, not from a technical point of view, but strictly from a clinical perspective. Lasers in dentistry today are used both to remove tooth structure and to treat periodontal disease. I use two types of lasers, one "hot" and one "cold".

February, 2009

The research I have been doing on water has been fascinating. Last month I discussed two good methods for purifying water, either by reverse osmosis or distillation. These remove the physical impurities from the water, but these methods alone are not enough. The reason for this is that water has "memory". Even though the physical contaminants have been removed, the frequencies of those contaminants still remain.

January, 2009

This month, I would like to continue discussing water. As I concluded last month, I believe that the most economical and best type of drinking water will be that produced by distillation or reverse osmosis.

December, 2008

For years, my family and I have used bottled water for drinking and cooking. In the office we also used bottled water. Because the cost kept escalating, my son, Adam and I investigated filtering tap water. Of course the question has to be asked, "Is any of this necessary, why not just drink tap water?"

This month I will share with you the results of our inquiry.

October, 2008

Alert Regarding Mercury Removal - Check the Mesenchyme "Doc, I have been reading about mercury fillings and how bad they are. Do you remove them?" "Sure, I can do that for you," replies the dentist. The dentist, not appreciating that he is dealing with a highly toxic substance, proceeds to remove the mercury fillings without any testing, support or protection of the patient. Often what next happens is very upsetting. Seemingly healthy patients, who had their fillings removed because they didn't want mercury in their mouths, now get sick or have all sorts of dental problems.

September, 2008

As I mentioned last month, early detection is the best way to ensure survival from prostate cancer. This month I am going to discuss alternative, complementary approaches available for the treatment for prostate cancer. Many of these will also be helpful in preventing cancer.

First of all it is important to avoid refined sugar, refined flour, tobacco, stress, and excessive alcohol. It is also important to sleep in a completely darkened room. (See my past newsletter on the topic of sleep).

August, 2008

You have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, what do you do? There is no one right answer; many things need to be factored in.

July, 2008

This month and next I would like to discuss the prostate gland. First, I will explore the symptoms and problems associated with the prostate, especially cancer. Then I will discuss methods of diagnosis and the different types of treatments.

June, 2008

A not-so-fond farewell for mercury fillings

Kudos to the federal Food and Drug Administration on the 180-degree reversal of its 30-year policy of defending so-called "silver" dental fillings. What took the agency so long?

May, 2008
Oral Cancer - Signs, Symptoms and New Screening Devices
April, 2008

Questions & Answers: At Home Natural Dental Treatments (& Precautions) 

Frequently people will ask me what natural treatments there are for various oral problems. This month I would like to discuss some of these in a question and answer format. 

What can I do for a toothache until I get to my dentist?

March, 2008

Sometimes it is good to review the basics. This month a few words on sugar and other sweeteners.

February, 2008
Many children and adults are treated at our adjoining office, Whole-Body Medicine, by my son, Dr. Adam Breiner, for various neurological, cognitive and behavioral problems using EEG Neurofeedback Therapy and, sometimes, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
January, 2008

Hair analysis is another useful tool to help patients. What is hair analysis? It is a soft tissue mineral biopsy, which also measures levels of both toxic and non-toxic metals. However, as you will see, if interpreted properly, hair analysis reveals much more.

November, 2007

As I wait for my food to be reheated in the microwave, I intuitively feel that this can't be good. However, because it is so convenient, I put my concerns aside, and ignore the "inner instinct"..... This month I decided that it was time to investigate whether microwaving food is safe and healthy.

October, 2007

Snoring is a problem which plagues many people, and, in particular, their sleep partners. When snoring is accompanied by sleep apnea, the problem goes far beyond disturbing a partner's sleep.

What is the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

September, 2007

Imagine yourself lying on the beach on a fall day. The sun is out, and the warmth from the sun feels luxurious. Imagine not having to worry about the UV light, which causes sunburn. All you have to do is enjoy the radiant energy of the sun.