The Power of Thought

You have heard people say, “Be careful what you wish for because it will probably come true”. Thoughts are powerful.

Research has also shown that prayer is powerful.

When patients have people praying for them, they have undergone surgery needing less pain medication, and they have healed faster than those not being prayed for. This was shown to be true even when the patients did not know that a group of people were praying for them and even when the group did not personally know for whom they were praying!

We all know people who are very optimistic in their attitude and give off a powerful positive energy, which in turn increases our energy when we are in their presence.On the other hand, there are those people who have constant negative thoughts, have a “dark cloud” over them and siphon our energy. 

Certain people are healers

They have the ability to concentrate positive energy and pass this on to a person to facilitate healing in various areas of one’s body.

For several years, my wife would from time to time develop some prodromal symptoms,which always resulted in her losing her voice. One day at a seminar on energy medicine she developed symptoms and knew that within a few hours she would be barely audible. The healer teaching the class held her hands a few inches above my wife’s throat. Afterwards, my wife described having felt an intense heat emanating from the healers hands. She did not develop laryngitis and has never had the problem since. That was about 25 years ago!

Mice Studies with a Psychic Healer

Using the services of a well-known healer, Professor Bernard Grad performed some experiments at McGill University. He divided mice into two groups, a control group and a group “treated” by a psychic healer. In one study the “treated” mice showed an increased rate of wound healing. In another study, in which he induced thyroid dysfunction in all the mice, the “treated” mice had a slower deterioration of thyroid function.

He did other similar experiments on plants to evaluate the ability of a healer to transfer mental energy of the healer to water.

One group of barley seeds was treated with salt water. Salt inhibits growth. Another group of barley seeds was treated with salt water “treated” by the healer. Both groups were then incubated and watered with tap water. At the end of the experimental period, the “treated” seeds had higher plant yield and the plants were larger in size than the untreated seeds. Also the “treated” group had higher chlorophyll content.

I remember a similar experiment in which several depressed patients held a jar of water, thus “treating” it. Each jar of “treated” water was used on a specific jar of seeds. Again there was a marked effect on the seeds. This time however, the “treated” water had a negative impact on seed and plant development compared to the control. That is, except for one. One pot flourished more than the control. In talking with the patient who held the water used to feed the flourishing pot, the researcher uncovered why the water was so different from the water of the other depressed patients. The woman cradled the water and imagined she was holding a baby! Those positive nourishing thoughts made all the difference.

In other experiments, Dr. Emoto has taken distilled water, frozen it, sliced it, and then looked at the crystal structure. He then has taken the distilled water and exposed it to various stimuli and then again frozen it, sliced it, and observed the crystal structure.

Distilled water has a crystal structure that is not very well defined. However, if the water was exposed to thoughts of love or even the printed word “love”, the crystals were of beautiful shape, like a snowflake. Exposing the water to evil thoughts or speech or to the printed word, “evil”, resulted in a disarrayed structure. Just placing the water on a picture of a smiling happy child produced a magnificent crystal

You can imagine the effect of music by Mozart versus “heavy metal”.

Dr. Emoto has written several books which detail his research and contains photos of the crystals. We can see how powerful our thoughts are. Don’t forget we are mostly water. Imagine the effect of our thoughts on our bodily water. Imagine the effect on our food of saying a prayer before consumption.

This is why last month I discussed the importance of considering the whole patient. What would be the psychological effect of removing upper front teeth that have root canals? 

I think in some patients it is possible for the negative psychological impact to be worse than the systemic effects of a root canal.

I remember one particular patient. His best friend referred him. His friend was worried because the patient had several root canals. The man was about 80 years old and in excellent health. He had bridges and his remaining teeth were capped so he could have a great smile and good function. He had nine root canals. Removal of these teeth would necessitate an upper full denture and a lower partial denture.

After all he had invested in time, energy and money, to save his teeth, and to have a youthful smile that matched his approach to life, the removal of teeth with the resulting dentures would have been emotionally devastating, and I believe devastating to his health. His energy was so positive; I believe he was able to override whatever negative impact the root canals may have had. Upon testing with EAV (energetic testing, see past newsletter), the root canals all tested well.

Our thoughts and attitude are so important they must be factored into our decisions about root canals.

In the holistic dental world, there are some that believe all root canals must be removed, end of story. I believe that to be truly holistic, everything about the patient must be factored into our recommendations and options.

This brings me to next month’s topic which is relevant to this discussion, tooth whitening, smile alteration and plastic surgery.

© 2006, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified dentist or health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. 

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