As I mentioned last month, early detection is the best way to ensure survival from prostate cancer. This month I am going to discuss alternative, complementary approaches available for the treatment for prostate cancer. Many of these will also be helpful in preventing cancer.

First of all it is important to avoid refined sugar, refined flour, tobacco, stress, and excessive alcohol. It is also important to sleep in a completely darkened room. (See my past newsletter on the topic of sleep).

Of utmost importance, however, is dealing with toxins. As I have stated before, I believe that high levels of toxins in the body are the most overlooked medical problem facing us today. In my experience, approximately 80% of my patient’s health problems resolve after the toxins in their mouths and in the rest of the body are substantially decreased. This involves addressing metals in the mouth, root canals, cavitations, body burdens of heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides. It also means eating organic as much as possible, avoiding having plastics come into contact with your food, avoiding fluoridated, chlorinated water, and being careful what you use on your skin (i.e. cosmetics, shaving cream, soap, etc.).

Watching one’s weight is also important. Obesity is linked to an increase in cancer in general, and prostate cancer is no different. Some studies indicate that a low fat diet is beneficial for preventing and treating prostate cancer. However, I do not believe that one diet fits all. It is best to test for your metabolic type and follow the indicated diet for your type.

I find homeopathics, infrared saunas, ionic footbaths, exercise, certain supplements and the use of specific frequencies helpful in reducing the body’s toxic load.

Energetic testing is invaluable for evaluating the presence of toxins and other underlying causes of prostate cancer and for monitoring progress.. There are various types of energetic testing-EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll), kinesiology, etc. Depending on the skill of the operator, all can give information that would not be otherwise obtainable. Dr. Vince Speckhart, a retired oncologist, had more success in treating cancer patients with EAV than with conventional methods. He had many cases of cancer resolve after failing conventional treatment. For me, EAV would be a central pillar of treatment.

What about supplements?

This topic is so broad that I will just give you some highlights of what I personally would do.

1. Eating healthy food is essential. In other words, consume whole foods, especially vegetables in their natural state. Juicing is particularly beneficial. I would also take a whole food supplement such as Catalyn by Standard Process and a real vitamin C.

2. Wobenzym©N has been shown to fight cancer. Approximately 32 tablets per day should be divided into four doses. (See my past newsletters Part 1 and Part 2 on oral systemic enzymes).

3. Poly MVA- is an excellent supplement, which has been shown to be beneficial in treating cancer. It works by repairing the abnormally altered gene that sets cancer mechanisms in motion. It is non-toxic and its purpose is to fix the underlying problem at a cellular (RNA, DNA) level. MVA stands for minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It is a lipoic/palladium complex that can enter every cell and even cross the blood-brain barrier. Besides helping patients with cancer, it is thought to be powerful in preventing of cancer. For more information, go to

4. Co Q10 is an important coenzyme and should be taken in the highly absorbable soft gel form; about 400 to 600 mg per day. Co Q10 is needed by every cell and has been shown to be beneficial with many different types of cancers.

5. Another important extract comes from the Agaricus blazei mushroom. This is widely used in Japan and has been shown to be beneficial in helping enhance the immune system.

6. I would also recommend Dr. Robert Bard’s formula. Dr. Bard is the radiologist that I use for my yearly prostate check-up using the 3D color Doppler ultrasound. (See Part 1 and Part 2 of this newsletter) Dr. Bard has formulated a supplement, which has been extremely beneficial for prostate cancer patients. A high percentage of his prostate cancer patients (about 80%) have responded positively when on his supplement. Below is a list of the ingredients in Dr. Bard’s formula for men; you can investigate each one if you like. All have been shown to benefit the prostate. If you wish to order his supplement you can call his office at 212-355-7017.
Resveratrol Complex, Pomeganate, Quercetin Anhydrous, Gynostema Pentaphylum, Astragalus Root, Ligustrum fruit, Schisandra fruit, Rhodiola Rosea, Rhodiola Crenulata, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Lecithin, Trimethylglycine, Grape Seed Extract, Lycopene, Zinc, Copper.

7. In an interesting book called “The Hidden Story of Cancer” the author Brian Peskin, shows that cancer is caused by a lack of intracellular oxygen. The famous Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg, was able to induce cells to become cancerous 100% of the time by reducing the intracellular oxygen level by 30%. Peskin documented the fact that it is the lack of cellular oxygen transfer which is the root cause of cancer and that to avoid cancer you need to increase the cellular oxygen transfer. To do this, the cell membrane must function properly and to make sure that happens, you need to avoid trans fats and adulterated preserved oils. It is important to ingest “parent” essential fatty acids, in other words, the fundamental unprocessed oils, not the derivative essential fatty acids such as those found in fish oils. More parent omega six then omega-3 should be consumed and these parent oils will be derived from plants. Body Bio Balance is an oil which I take that follows Peskin’s recommendation.

8. Get your lymph moving. Exercise; have one of the many forms of massage, and use lymphatic drainage supplements. All are helpful.

9. Intravenous EDTA has been used for years to treat lead poisoning and to remove other heavy metals. Now there are ETDA suppositories on the market which actually deliver a higher tissue level of EDTA than the IV’s. It seems logical to use this type of suppository in the rectum because of its proximity to the prostate. Its efficacy in helping pull heavy metals from the body would have both a localized and systemic benefit. In fact, in animal studies, this has been shown to be the case.

10. Essiac tea has been reported for many years to have cured numerous cases of cancer. The herbal recipe was passed down in 1922 from an elderly woman to a nurse, Rene Caisse. The woman had been cured of breast cancer about thirty years before by the herbal recipe which had been given to her by an Ojibwa Indian medicine man. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Caisse’s aunt, upon exploratory surgery, was diagnosed with liver and stomach cancer and was given a few months to live. Nurse Caisse gave her aunt the herbal tea daily for one year and then her oncologist declared her cancer free; she lived another 21 years. The brew came to be known as Essiac (Caisse spelled backwards.) It is comprised of four herbs: Sheep sorrel; Burdock root; Turkey rhubarb root; and Slippery elm bark. It is a delicious tea, and although there have been no formal studies, I would definitely use it.

Again, this topic is so broad; I just wanted to give you some highlights of what I would do. I hope you have enjoyed this three-part series on the prostate.

© 2008, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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