Larry came in because he had been suffering from terrible left sided sinus pain on and off for a year. He felt tremendous pressure. Antibiotics would take away the pain, only to have it return when off the antibiotic. His M.D. finally said to have his dentist check him.


After examination and testing with EAV I told Larry that I thought the problem was from a lower left molar which had a root canal. However, this tooth supported a bridge, and if he decided to extract the tooth, and I was wrong, he not only would have lost the tooth but an expensive bridge as well. I told him to think it over.


Larry called the next morning begging me to take out the root canal tooth – he had been up all night in terrible pain. A few hours later the tooth was removed. Larry related that as the tooth came out, his sinus felt like air being let out of a balloon – the pressure was relieved and the pain immediately disappeared. The lower molar is on the maxillary sinus meridian, and thus the quick energetic change.


Two weeks later Larry came in for a post surgical check up. He felt great. Larry then related how he had a left shoulder problem for the past two years which prevented him from playing golf. He had seen five surgeons pleading for corrective surgery. However, they could not find anything wrong. This was very upsetting, because Larry is a professional golfer. Now, not only was his sinus infection gone, but so was his shoulder problem! The infection from the root canal was also affecting his shoulder joint.


Two years later, Larry is still free of his problems and his golf scores are better than ever!

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