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Today, more people than ever are finding it harder to focus at work and at school. The lack of focus, impulsivity, and hyperactive behavior can have serious implications for academic performance—not to mention the many adults who find that the same symptoms are hindering their own success.

At The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center our doctors look at the “whole” you. An EEG of the brain can clearly display ADHD patterns that a trained professional will recognize. For example, when slow brain waves, which are normally associated with sleep, are found in excess in an awake and attentive state, this will make it make it hard to focus and concentrate. These patterns can become normalized utilizing our neurotherapies. There are other reasons why you or your child may be displaying attention deficit symptoms or have been diagnosed with ADHD. While slow brain wave activity is one, the reasons for decreased scholastic performance may not be as simple; other profiles for Attention Deficit Disorder can also be seen, such as brain wave patterns exhibited from birth trauma, head trauma, environmental toxicities, food sensitivities, as well as brain wave patterns that can indicate either too fast or too slow processing.

Our health center is unique in that our doctors always look at the “whole picture.” We gather information about your metabolic state, your nutritional state, your diet, food allergies or sensitivities, toxins and chronic infections present in your system. We even look at your “energetic” state. To achieve this, we may employ micronutrient testing, hair/mineral analysis testing, toxicity testing (both energetically and through laboratory methods), we may also explore your body’s structural status (craniosacral osteopathic assessment, airway assessment).  Sleep is also assessed, as it has a major impact on cognitive performance. We address these concerns along with, or even prior to, retraining your brain where indicated.

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