Nick came to our office presenting with feelings of anxiety due to a family event. It was a very debilitating anxiety with panic attacks and insomnia. His physician prescribed medication for his anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, the prescribed medication caused numerous side effects, so he decided to explore another approach to treatment at the Neuroedge Brain Performance Center. After taking a detailed brain map analysis and testing of his neurotransmitters and nutritional status, we began a comprehensive plan to help Nick reduce his anxiety and panic attacks. After two neurotherapy sessions, he remarked how he was starting to feel like himself again. After a dozen sessions, his symptoms were fully resolved.

There may be many causes for anxiety and depression – family/ business or life stressors, nutritional imbalances, heavy metal toxicities (e.g., mercury in your mouth), past history of concussive injuries, and even Lyme co-infections like Bartonella. While we can’t take away life’s stressors, we can look to uncover biochemical imbalances, identify toxicities and infections in your body. We can work to restore your biochemistry, treat infections and to gently remove other toxicities from your body.

We will also look at your EEG brain map to analyze your brain wave activity and to identify those brain wave patterns that are often seen in those suffering from anxiety and depression. By altering the physiology of your depression (your abnormal brain waves), we are often successful in treating your symptoms.


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