If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, or think you have a food sensitivity, then The Breiner Allergy Elimination Technique is for you. In this video, Dr. Adam Breiner describes how you should collect the sample of allergens and what he does to help eliminate your body’s allergic response.


Is it that time of year again? Allergy Season?

The weather is beginning to warm up, the trees are starting to bud, and flowers are popping out of the ground. For some people, their windows are down, and this is when their outdoor activities begin; for others, this is when they start to reach for their antihistamines, eye drops, and boxes of tissues. That’s right its allergy season.


How Can Dr. Breiner help?

For many years Dr. Adam Breiner has helped countless people deal with their environmental allergies and even food sensitives by a simple procedure known as Breiner Allergy Elimination Technique or BAET. All you need is a small collection jar, fill it with some water, and leave it uncapped outside for about 24 hours. Label the collection jar with the date, the location of your collection and be sure to bring your jar in with you to your appointment. But please don’t use a large jar as it is too cumbersome to deal with. You can even ask the front desk for some small containers if you don’t have any at home.


What Happens at Your Appointment?

 So now that you have brought in your allergy collection jar with you to your appointment, Dr. Breiner will use the EAV device to test to see if that sample or other allergens are affecting your immune and nervous system. He then creates a unique energetic remedy of that allergen along with your original sample. Next, he performs a specialized technique where specific points on your body are activated or stimulated while you hold your energized allergen sample, after this, you go on a special device called the AM3 for about 5 minutes. And that’s it – no allergy drops to take and no drugs. You may be given some nutrient support, but for the most part, you will be good to go.


How Long Before I Feel Results?

Within 24 hours people notice that their allergy symptoms are drastically reduced, and, in most cases, they go entirely away. Please be aware that different locations and different months of the year, bring out different pollens so you may need to do new collection jars for those scenarios.

It is good to collect allergy samples from various parts of your house because sometimes indoor allergens need to be dealt with too. And yes, we can even do this for foods, and it works really well.


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