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December, 2017

As 2018 rapidly approaches, I wanted to share with our newsletter readers some advice for good health from our doctors at t

October, 2017
 "But Dr. Breiner, you are supposed to be holistic: why are you insisting that I have x-rays taken?

August, 2017
Foot in the mouth syndrome? Well...your foot doesn't exactly rest in your mouth, but your mouth does relate to the rest of your body. Learn why a jaw problem is a whole-body problem.
July, 2017
Woman TiredSleep Disorder Breathing in Adults - Do you suffer from a lack of oxygen?
June, 2017

Sleep Disordered Breathing - What is It?

Are you aware that 9 out of 10 children suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) symptoms? Well, I was not aware of this, and now that I am, it is amazing what I now "see"!

February, 2017
Feature Article:
Just Because You Have a Hammer - Not Everything is About Dentistry! 

October, 2016
Interview Dr. Robban Sica - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
August, 2016

"Doc, my tooth is killing me! I've been up all night from the pain!" What happens next in the dental chair is fairly straightforwardWoman with Facial Pain. The severe pain seems to indicate an abscessing tooth. Usually an X-ray is taken, certain questions are asked, and perhaps certain tests are performed.

December, 2015

Patients often ask their holistic doctor, "Why should I buy my supplements from you? I can order them online and probably pay less."

It's a good question-and it also has a very good answer. When you order supplements from your trusted doctor, you know exactly what you are getting.  

August, 2015

Op-Ed Hartford Courant - August 2015

Connecticut Dental Mercury Rule Imperils Patients


April, 2015

I often say that the truth is always the truth. If I want to learn about nutrition I rely on the wisdom of the old-timers like Dr. Weston price and Dr. Royal Lee. Eventually, their approach is always vindicated.

March, 2015

Court Case and Dental Boards 

January, 2015

Oil Pulling

Periodically we take a sample of a patient's plaque from underneath the gums and look at it under a microscope. There is a difference between a healthy sample and a non-healthy sample. Someone with periodontal disease is likely to have a bad slide. Usually, this condition can be reversed with good home care and visits with our hygienist. However, sometimes this infection persists.

August, 2014

I view a patient as analogous to an egg. There is the visible outer shell and the inner gooey substance. The shell represents physicality; it is the level of toxins, the presence of mercury fillings, root canals, etc. It is the level where we can deal with the problem in a very direct physical way. If a patient has mercury fillings, they can be removed. A broken arm can be reset and placed in a cast. Such situations are pretty straightforward and easy to fix.

February, 2014

In past newsletters I have discussed the health benefits of a proper pH level in our bodies and in our water.This month I want to delve deeper into the topic of pH and the role it plays in our systemic wellbeing.

January, 2014

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Most importantly, I wish everyone a healthy year. Good health is an essential  basis for happiness, fulfillment, and emotional well-being. With that in mind, I would like to urge everyone to pursue natural ways of healing before taking prescription drugs. There is a place for everything and sometimes a drug is necessary. If I were to have surgery, I would be grateful that there are drugs for pain. However, the chronic use of most drugs is best avoided.

October, 2013

In my last newsletter I promised to share with you some case studies and the results of treatment with the Sankaran method. I hope you find these interesting and that they help you to appreciate the beauty of homeopathy.

August, 2013

Last month I discussed my strategy of treating on two levels, the outer physical level (the level of toxins, mercury fillings, bad bite, etc.) and the inner energetic level. (For a greater understanding of this month's newsletter, please read Part One; Why Some Holistic Dentists Think I am Not Holistic). This month I want to further discuss treatment of this inner level.

July, 2013

Some holistic dentists and physicians believe that every root canal needs to be extracted, no exceptions. Some feel that every third molar extraction site needs to be surgically exposed. Because I do not believe this, some of these dentists believe that I am not a true-blue holistic dentist.