Meet doctors and staff at our OPEN HOUSE

on June 13th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Learn about our IV Therapies that are not only designed to rehydrate you, but also to replace depleted nutrients. You will find that intravenous therapy is a fast, safe, and concentrated method to administer the nutrients you need.

Our custom drips are designed to support your immune system, help brain function, recover from jetlag, recover from long work hours or hangovers, restore athletic circulation, increase stamina, support muscle recovery and growth, aid in detoxification, provide anti-aging benefits for youthful skin and glow, infuse fat-burning nutrients that promote weight loss, provide an energy boost and more.

Added Bonus!

  • Free Vitamin B12 shot for the first 15 RSVP’s
  • Schedule an IV session on OPEN HOUSE NIGHT and receive 40% off.
RSVP’s appreciated to info@wholebodymed.com
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