Everyone is concerned about this year’s virulent and particularly nasty strain of the flu, H3N2. If you haven’t been laid low, then chances are a co-worker, friend or family member has. Officials at The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently warned that this year’s flu season is more intense than any since the 2009 swine flu pandemic. The young, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions are especially hard hit. And the flu season is not over.
On Jan 22, the Wall Street Journal reported that the flu season is not over but that the CDC hopes that “flu cases were peaking.” The WSJ continued, “The flu can be hard to distinguish from other winter bugs and has to be confirmed by a test. Flu symptoms include sore throat, cough, fever and muscle aches, a key feature said Dr. Jernigan, Director of CDC’s Influenza Division. But some people have the flu without a fever, Jernigan said.”
Since the doctors at Whole-Body Medicine see patients with many different health concerns, as well as seeing patients suffering with the flu, I thought I’d seek their advice to pass along to my newsletter readers. Whole-Body Medicine offers many modalities to help boost your immune system as well as Osteopathic Medicine which promotes a healthy immune system. One of my favorite ways to treat and prevent the flu is with homeopathic remedies. The homeopathic company Boiron has a 2018 flu remedy which can be taken prophylactically to prevent the flu as well as to be taken if you contract the flu. If you do come down with the flu, depending on your individual symptoms specific remedies will be indicated.
I’d like to add my caution, I’ve observed young children affected by this season’s strain often relapse, so try not to send your children back to school too early. And with this deadly strain, be sure to seek medical advice. Since I’m a dentist, I’ll offer my dental advice – don’t forget to change your toothbrush frequently, don’t share toothbrushes, and discard any toothbrushes that were used while sick.
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Dr. Elena Sokolova not only uses hands-on healing therapies to help her patients, she also uses traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine, botanical medicine, and homeopathy. and offers nutritional support for this winter season. Dr. Sokolova will offer some time-tested advice and common-sense tips that she uses herself to stay healthy during this cold and flu season. Read Full Article…

Dr. David Brady, weighs in with advice to maintain good lung health and function to guard against virulent infections, such as the flu. He suggests several powerful herbs to boost your immune system as well as a compound comprised of powerful ingredients found in nature for immune health and prevention as well as for use during illness. Read Full Article….

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