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Student Receiving Transcranial and Magnetic Stimulation and Neurofeedback Traning at the NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center Connecticut

At Breiner Whole-Body Health Center, we offer two separate yet complementary health practices; Whole-Body Dentistry and Whole-Body Medicine.

Whole-Body Dentistry offers an innovative paradigm of dental care. Combining the use of leading-edge dental technology with a sound and broad, energetic-holistic approach, Whole-Body Dentistry seeks to minimize invasive procedures that so often occur in traditional dentistry.

Whole-Body Medicine offers Naturopathic Medical care, Osteopathic Medical care, and also includes two divisions, The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center and Whole-Body IV Solutions.

We encourage you to visit both the Dental and Medical pages of this site. Explore how your mouth is connected to the rest of your body and understand how the dental decisions you make will impact life-long wellness. Visit the medical pages to learn about the many natural therapies, energetic healing modalities, and cutting-edge services we have to offer. Be sure to browse through our videos on various health concerns and technologies. Our physicians approach each case looking at the patient as a whole person and not just a symptom or disease diagnosis. We seek to uncover, as well as remove any obstacles that may be preventing your body from healing and to assist you in reaching an optimal state of wellness.

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