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Healthy cells are the foundation for wellness and performance.

Throughout our lives various factors (environment, poor diet, aging, physiological and/or emotional trauma etc.) challenge the integrity of our cells to do what they were designed to do. Left unchecked the loss of cell function starts a domino effect of diminishing health and (often) collateral disease.


PEMF Snapshot

Battery charger for cells

Normalizes Membrane Potential (bio-energy) of cells

Deficient cells draw energy, constrict (force toxins out the PEMF energy in)

Healthy cells allow the energy to pass by



About 95% of people report pain relief, increased range of motion, more energy, greater sense of well being after 15 minutes

Hold improvement for 4 hours to 4 days

How PEMF Works

  Tiny electrical currents impulses interact throughout the cells of your body.

  PEMF increases spin of the electrons, replenishing cell membrane potential (difference in electrical potential between interior and exterior of the cell)

  PEMF recharges batteries: interacts with the Sodium/ Potassium pump (helps maintain cell energy and regulate cellular volume) and “boosts” it.

Improvements in cell membrane potential

Cell membranes “stacked polar lipids”, 2 ends:

one fat soluble (or lipophilic)

one water soluble (or hydrophilic)

Fatty molecules self-organize in water.

Polar structure occurs:

  net electron deficiency one part of the molecule

excess at the other

Some of the Effects of PEMF Energy

Atomic excitement –stimulates spin of electron; store energy up to 4 days

Molecules align slightly @ each magnetic pulse –molecules easier to combine, especially when excited.

pH becomes more alkaline –allows better O2 uptake suppresses harmful entities

Surface tension shift up to 16 fold – Fluids flow into cell gates much more efficiently or lymph to thin and flow.

Oxygen Transport improves, an increased overall sense of well-being, pain reduction, decrease of toxins, better delivery of medicine or herbs, better nutritional uptake, better O2 flow, better cell function, better immune system.

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