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What is Metabolic Typing? 

Metabolic Typing, a revolutionary system for optimizing whole body health, involves analyzing the individual at a fundamental metabolic level.  Each individual’s metabolism is controlled by one of two primary dominance systems, the Oxidative System (converting nutrients into energy) and the Autonomic System (governing the use and distribution of energy).  Although both systems do operate simultaneously, one system may be more dominant than the other.  By determining your Metabolic Type through a simple Metabolic Typing protocol, we are able to pinpoint the foods and supplements that will optimize the production and processing of energy in your body.

What does Metabolic Typing Involve?  

Metabolic Typing begins with a series of simple tests that take approximately two and a half hours to perform.  This testing occurs in four timed cycles and is performed on an empty stomach.  An initial series of baseline readings are  taken, and then the patient is given a modified glucose challenge drink.  Then, we compare all the subsequent test results to your baseline readings, as well as specific questions we ask you at the beginning of each testing cycle.

What will we be Testing?

Tests such as blood glucose levels, ABO blood type, urine and saliva, breathe holding capacity and respiration rate will also be preformed.  These tests, preformed before and after ingesting a modified glucose challenge drink, allow us to determine your Metabolic Type.  Armed with this important knowledge, an individual can then knowingly select the appropriate foods and nutritional supplements that are tailored to his/her specific metabolism.

Why undergo Metabolic Typing over a visit to the Nutritionist? 

While a Nutritionist can provide you with helpful dietary knowledge, such information is geared toward the general public and is essentially an educated guess.  This is not the case with Metabolic Typing.  Metabolic Typing has the ability to pinpoint each and everyone’s individual metabolisms, therefore providing one with a personalized dietary education for his/her specific metabolic type.  For example, a nutritionist may tell you to reduce your carbohydrate intake, while Metabolic Typing will tell you the exact types of carbohydrates to avoid per your metabolism.

Is Metabolic Typing cost effective?

Metabolic Typing is a simple procedure and is therefore one set price.  After the procedure is done, one walks away armed with knowledge that can be implemented into diet and fitness goals eternally – no time limits, no fine print, no hidden fees.  It’s a one shot deal.  But, can one really put a price tag on knowledge that can transform years of weight loss disappointment into weight loss success?

What are the results of Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic Typing is not a weight loss system or product, it is a test that will equip you with the knowledge and customized nutritional principles for effective and healthy weight loss.  Therefore, results vary directly with one’s application of this knowledge.  The more meticulously one keeps to the guidelines, the better the results.  Once granted this wisdom, you become the executor of your own weight loss success. Call Us: 203-371-8258
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