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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

The rough hills along the Aspetuck River led to the area that became Easton to be settled slowly, and no one who lives there today minds the relative isolation. The quiet farms and family-owned businesses that comprise most of the town’s economy reflect the needs of the locals, which are few and simple. When life, as it inevitably does, refuses to be simple, the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is just around the corner.

A Whole-Body Approach to Medicine & Dentistry

Drs. Mark & Adam Breiner assembled a team of skilled, dedicated professionals to create not only Connecticut’s, but the country’s premier holistic medical-dental center. With over 70 years of combined experience, the team works with you to achieve your fullest wellness — body, mind and spirit — by enhancing your natural recovery powers in preference to modern pharmacopoeia and its man-designed chemicals. Whole Body Dentistry understands the relationship between healthy teeth and the rest of you. You must treat both together. Our holistic dentistry approach always tests the body-wide effects of dental procedures in planning treatment. Understanding the potential negative effects of root canals, cavitations and mercury fillings, and much more, Dr. Mark Breiner, one of the original pioneers in holistic dentistry, continues to expand his knowledge and treatments resulting in better overall health for his patients. Offering a full range of traditional dental services, everything is done from a whole-body paradigm. Whole Body Medicine does not treat symptoms the way drug therapy does, the goal is to remove impediments which block your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Offering therapies rarely found elsewhere, Whole-Body Medicine is in the forefront of treatment for Lyme Disease, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and many chronic illnesses. First in the country to combine EEG Neurofeedback with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Dr. Adam Breiner is a recognized authority on the brain and the ramifications of brain injury as well as the “underperforming” brain. Combining many modalities such as naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, EEG neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen, IV therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and other treatments, we go after the underlying problems, we never try to simply mask the symptoms. Whole body therapies include The NeuroEdge Center, dedicated to keeping your brain sharp and high-functioning to treat head injuries and brain traumas (including concussion and stroke) plus assisting people to improve their performance in their daily activities.

How Do They Do That?

The Clinic doesn’t exclusively serve those with serious health issues. Many people simply want to fine-tune and maintain their vitality as they pass from decade to decade. At your initial visit, you and your doctor will discuss your health history, current status and goals. Whether you face neurological conditions, dental disasters or general wellness issues, we design a program to remove the obstacles preventing your body from fighting back, so you can age gracefully in peaceful, agrarian Easton, or wherever you live. Contact the Breiner Whole Body Health Center today, see how we can help you help yourself to wellness.

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