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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

Old Greenwich, a neighborhood of the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, was founded by a group that included the niece of Massachusetts founder John Winthrop and, for almost 400 years, has been a haven just outside the hustle and bustle of America’s financial and corporate headquarters, New York City. Stately houses (many of which have housed several generations) and the lowest tax rates in Metro New York combine for a very healthy homelife and, when life isn’t so healthy, the nearby Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in Fairfield provides a valuable healthcare partner.

A Whole-Body Approach to Medicine Dentistry

Whole Body Dentistry starts by recognizing the close relationship between oral health and general health. Teeth are living tissue and, if their wellness is compromised, the trouble can extend beyond the mouth to every part of the body. For example, the debate over amalgam fillings continues, but mercury is toxic and many dental patients want their mercury-based fillings removed. Research also suggests that children whose teeth don’t develop properly may be at increased risk for ADD/ADHD, snoring, allergies and other long-term difficulties. Dr. Mark Breiner and an experienced team of dental technicians can provide a full range of detoxification protocols as well as standard cleaning/hygiene and cosmetic/restorative services. Whole Body Medicine returns to ancient and well-tested treatments in preference to the trauma of invasive surgeries or the potential side-effects of man-designed chemicals. The human body has tremendous power to renew and revitalize itself, it simply needs the support of clinical nutrition and holistic therapies provided in a warm, friendly, stress-reducing environment. Dr. Adam Breiner and staff offers numerous approaches to diagnosing and treating disease, including some derived from the best in modern scientific research, such as EEG neurofeeback, far-infrared sauna, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and colon-hydrotherapy.

Miracle Workers?

Hardly that, but the Clinic is staffed by well-trained, certified, dedicated professionals who’ll take a complete patient history; conduct thorough, needed tests and propose a plan integrating physical, mental and spiritual health to bring you to your personal peak wellness. The Clinic staffers never promise results they can’t deliver, and they respect your right to oversee your personal health. They will provide all the information they can, answer your questions then step back to let you decide how to proceed. Folks who live in Old Greenwich could easily move elsewhere. They choose to stay because their neighborhood is close to what they need. Contact the Breiner Whole Body Health Center today, and choose to help yourself to greater wellness.

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