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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

Weston, Connecticut, is a town that’s almost a park. In fact, over one-eighth of the town is a single park, the Devil’s Den Preserve. With few businesses in this former farm town turned bedroom community, it’s the perfect place for those who work in the breakneck pace of New York City to rest and rejuvenate.

But quiet evenings and chirping crickets aren’t always enough to shake off the stresses of daily life, or the illnesses that can devastate a human body. When reinforcements need to be called in, the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in nearby Fairfield is the medical-dental practice to choose.

Doing it Nature’s Way

Some medical professionals depend on modern pharmacopeia and man-designed chemicals, while Whole-Body Medicine begins with your own body and works outward: Good eating can treat or enhance the treatment of many medical conditions. The right nutritional mix boosts the body’s internal healing systems to peak efficiency with proper fuel and nutrients, including supplements (IV or orally) when appropriate.

Whole-Body Dentistry is the dentistry of the future, and you can experience it now! Combining excellent state of the art dentistry with energetic approaches to healing, this is dentistry as you have never experienced it. Silent problems in the mouth are often the impediment to wellness.

Naturally, brain health is an essential component of overall wellbeing. NeuroEdge therapies like EEG brain imaging, neurocognitive testing, NeuroField, neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and others, have shown positive results in treating a whole alphabet soup of conditions, including ADD/ADHD, PTSD, CRPS, RSD, post-stroke and more.

What Does Whole-Body Medicine and Dentistry Look Like?

An excellent question best answered by example. We offer many integrative treatment options to help you recover from an injury, illness, unresolved health problems or help with day-to-day aches and pains. Holistic medicine and holistic dentistry seek to remove the obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself.

The many services we offer include:

Osteopathic medicine which includes Cranial Osteopathy – a natural approach to ignite the body’s innate healing ability. This hands-on healing modality may be applied for the prevention of and treatment of disease or injury, and for the enhancement of general health.

2.  Our NeuroEdge Brain Performance division is dedicated to keeping your brain sharp and high-functioning.  We can give your brain the “tune-up” it needs to help you live a healthier life today.

3. Our IV Solution’s infusions target needs that your body may require in times of stress or sickness, or whenever you need a health boost.

4.  At Whole-Body Dentistry, we look at your teeth through a different filter, and our decades of expertise can help you maximize your overall wellness—not just the health of your mouth.

5. At Whole-Body Dentistry, all new adult patient exams include a 3-D Head CAT Scan. In addition to assessing your airway to undercover Sleep Breathing Disorders, the 3D Scan helps find hidden infections, sinus problems, and more. We evaluate and seek to correct restricted airways – a restricted airway lowers your oxygen intake and can lead to many health problems, in both children and adults. In children, some of the health conditions associated with a restricted airway include ADD/ADHD, chronic allergies, difficulty in school and in adults, a restricted airway can lead to diagnosed sleep apnea with a higher risk of stroke, dementia and more.

6. Many people are nutrient depleted, stressed out, and sedentary. This lowers our immunity and makes us more susceptible to disease. Nutritional analysis reveals nutritional imbalances and inadequacies. We provide targeted treatment for your particular needs and speed your recovery from complex chronic conditions like depression and anxiety, fatigue, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular risk, weight issues, and more.

7. Our integrative approach to your health care encompasses state of the art science and technology along with time-tested healing therapies such as energy medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Japanese Reiki, homeopathy, as well as herbals and botanicals. All of these modalities work together to encourage the individuals’ inherent self-healing process and seek to bring the body back into balance.

Your body was created or evolved (depending on your personal philosophy) to work with nature. Whole Body Medicine takes nature in and lets it do what it’s been doing (quite successfully) for as long as humans have been on Earth. The Breiner Center exists to assist and enhance nature’s own methods.

Not Patients – Partners

Whether you need a simple IV Therapies session to enhance your immune system, aid in athletic recovery or long-term hyperbaric oxygen therapy to deal with conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Lyme Disease contact Breiner Whole-Body Health and set an appointment to discuss your situation. Many of medicine’s “latest and greatest” practices are, actually, millennia old, proven formulas for maintaining or restoring optimal health. Taking that short hop from Weston to Fairfield may be the best healthcare decision you ever make.

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